Backflow Testing

Irrigation, sewage, and other plumbing systems are designed with the intention of the water flowing from the source to the consumer. However, under certain conditions, such as a drop in water pressure in the distribution system outside of your home, water may begin to flow in the opposite direction. This is called backflow. When this occurs, the water system can become contaminated and because the signs that backflow has occurred are very subtle, it is often hard for non-professionals to detect, leading to possible illness in consumers of the contaminated water. It is recommended that you undergo backflow testing at least once a year, otherwise you may be held responsible if any damages are sought as a result of backflow which could have easily been prevented.

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Why Backflow Testing is Needed

Most cities have begun implementing mandatory prevention devices knows as RPZ devices, which stands for Reduced Pressure Zone, which are installed directly onto your plumbing system to protect the water supply from contaminants which could be transmitted through backflow. There are many ways a drop in water pressure can occur; if a water leak in the house, city water main break, hydrant activation, or even exorbitant water use in neighboring homes. Any of these can cause water from the Systems to back-up into the drinking water supply. You or a neighbor could unknowingly be consuming water filled with contaminants.

If something so disastrous can occur so easily you should do all you can to prevent it. This means taking all necessary precautions my staying up to date on your inspections and only using licensed professionals to ensure the functionality of your RPZ. MSI is one of the leading administrators of backflow water testing in North and South Carolina, serving many commercial clients across the states.