When Do You Need an Emergency Board-Up?

Board up service is the act of boarding up commercial buildings prior to a storm, or after disastrous events such as a fire, flood, car crash, or vandalism. Our licensed boarding service can help you reduce potential damage to your property prior to a storm or assist you to secure your property after an unexpected disaster occurs. Provided with the proper equipment and resources to board up commercial properties, high rise hotels, government offices, churches, hospitals and more, MSI will assess your needs and deploy a technique that minimizes surface damages. We can effectively board up doors, windows, garage doors, roofs, large bay windows, roofs and other areas recognized by our inspection process.
While boarding up your property might seem tedious, it is in fact remarkably dangerous to you and others nearby your property to avoid doing so. There are instances where your properties damages might inflict damage to outside homes or buildings, and harm wildlife if they venture inside of your structures after a fire or flood.

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Our durable installation also prevents theft and vandalism minimizing your risk for further damages and stolen property.

How a Board-Up Can Help You

Boarding up is also a service that can be used to protect your property before a disaster strikes such as in the event that a hurricane, tornado, or other natural disaster is predicted for your area. Protect your windows and doors with plywood and weather the storm with some peace of mind.
After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, many businesses and commercial properties became victim to theft, vandalism, squatting, and other criminal actions due to the lack of preparation enacted before the hurricane struck, leaving the exterior or many buildings damaged and vulnerable to crime. By doing something as simple as boarding up doors and windows these properties could have easily been inaccessible. Protect your property by taking the necessary steps.

MSI is one of the leading administrators in North and South Carolina for emergency board ups, serving many residential and commercial clients across the states. We can inspect your property, properly install Contact us today for a quote.