Why Floor Waxing is Essential

Floors are the foundation of your home or office, and with everything resting and moving on them they will get dirty, scratched, and faded over time. This leads to your property looking overall ill-maintained. At MSI we believe that stripping and waxing floors are an important part of keeping your facility clean and presentable. High-traffic areas are prone to dirt and grit and this can give an otherwise beautiful floor an appearance that leaves a lot to be desired. We will completely strip every inch of your floor space. We will then recoat all areas with 4-6 layers of industrial grade wax.

With high-quality stripping and waxing, your flooring will remain clean, shiny and attractive for years to come. Our floor stripping and waxing services are completed in three steps. These include Floor stripping; this is where we will remove the top coating of wax and any other buildup. By stripping the floors, we will remove all of the dirt and grime, leaving the floors bare; sealant: After we strip the floors, we must then seal it with a high-quality sealer. We will then buff the surface to a sparkling shine. The sealer and gloss finish will extend the wear of your flooring, reduce marks and scratches and will help to guard against soil penetration and abrasion; and Waxing, Our floor finish will give your floors a deep, rich protective glow. The industrial grade wax we use will protect your flooring and will make it shine like new once more.

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In addition to tile floors, we also wax wood floors. Professional wood floor cleaning is a necessity in the longevity of your wood floors. Getting your wood floors professionally deep cleaned, waxed, and polished will not only make them last longer, but they will look great for many years to come. When choosing a professional company to treat your wood floors, it is essential to choose a trustworthy and high quality company.

Why MSI is a trusted Floor Waxing Provider

MSI is that company. With many years of experience, thousands of happy customers and beautifully cleaned wood floors, and competitive pricing, MSI remains the industry leading hardwood floor cleaning company. MSI provides the experience and expertise you can rely on. Plus, our professional wood floor technicians are fully licensed and insured to ensure that you are always satisfied with your services.

Just as with tile floors, there is a process we follow when cleaning and waxing wood floors; An evaluation of wood flooring needs including identification of finish type and sealant used; A thorough cleaning and mopping to eliminate dust and dirt; A gentle buffing, waxing and polishing to remove stains and deep clean; and a specialized treatment of problem areas such as discoloration, penetrating scratches, or other issues.

Normal traffic patterns can also lead to dull floors that appear prematurely aged. Restore the natural beauty and elegance of hardwood floors with a period deep cleaning and professional wood floor waxing.
Whether you are remodeling your new home or rehabbing a historical home, the hardwood floors are likely to be the center of attention in the home. Save time and money by hiring a professional to do the job for you. At MSI, we provide quality workmanship to our customers. We’ll bring the warmth and elegance back to your home. Call MSI today for a free quote!