Thinking about renovating your office?

Whether it be modernizing the look and feel of your outdated office, adding space for new employees, or maximizing your storage space, Office renovations are one of the many things that MSI has to offer to its clients. Renovating a commercial space alone could cost you a fortune as you’d need to hire various specialists for complex tasks, but with MSI, we offer expert commercial building work that comes at an affordable price and gets the entire job done.
MSI is a full-service office construction renovator serving the Carolinas and surrounding region. We offer a full range of commercial fit outs and commercial office renovation services. MSI has years of experience creating efficient workspaces for companies big and small throughout South and North Carolina. We will work with you to develop a solution that fully meets your company’s needs for now and for future growth. Our office design specialists will make sure every aspect of your office fit out is covered so your newly remodeled office not only looks great but is a fully functional work environment. Our services include commercial office additions, commercial renovation, retail fit outs, small and large office fit outs, industrial fit outs, custom made office furniture and décor, and more.

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Thinking of renovating your office space?

Workspace says as much about a company as it does about the individuals who work there. That’s why MSI is dedicated to building office space from the client’s point of view. At MSI, our office expertise includes corporate headquarters, commercial office space, build-to-suit and more. Our approach of collaborating with all the key decision makers allows us to capture the vision and turn exceptional workspace into reality, delivering both the right look and feel. Building offices with attention to detail, tightly managed schedules and precisely monitored costs helps our clients through the construction process to get the results they want.

You already know that the design and layout of your office impacts your customers’ perception of you, but did you know that it also impacts your company’s productivity? There are many different types of office layouts, most which can be classified into either open or private office layout. Private offices can include private rooms, cubicles, or sections of a production floor. Open offices are generally a large room with desks arranged in order, without walls and without privacy. This layout became popular in the ‘60s during the cold war, with the intention of increasing productivity and communication between colleagues. However, it had the opposite effect. The cons of open-plan offices are obvious: they’re unhealthy, needlessly stress-inducing, hostile to productivity and creativity. The pros? It’s cheaper. Whether you choose to model your office after an open, private, or hybrid layout, MSI has got you covered.

Renovations are essential because your office has a high traffic volume, indicating it is one of the first things many clients will see, and your first impact is always the most important. Not only that but renovating your commercial space is an investment because it raises the overall quality of the space. Because MSI is invested in complete customer satisfaction, you’ll find that our experienced professionals will provide you with perfect quality in their work.