Touch UP Painting Services

Due to its many steps, there is a lot of room for error, so it’s best to use a professional to do your prepping and touch up painting for you. If your property is looking a bit weathered, perhaps it’s a few years old and the wear and tear is are beginning to add up; a professional paint touch-up service can help to rewind those years to make your home or facility look its best. A Professional hand-painted, touch-up service may be the solution you are looking for. Many people try to do it themselves with touch-up paint from the local supply store; however, there is preparation and finish work that is needed to accomplish perfect results. Specialized touch-up brushes, paint matching, and color sanding and polishing techniques are needed as well. Touch-up is for walls and surfaces that have minor nicks, scratches, and chips where the paint is missing, where the paint has been nicked off, rubbed off, chipped off, or scrapped off. These areas include the edges of doors and around windows, living spaces and recreational areas, corridors and exterior facades. This type of damage occurs from doors being opened into and hitting the wall and slight brushes with other objects like furniture.

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The Proper Way to Paint

Without proper preparation, paint touch-up just won’t look right and it just won’t last. We’ll get the job done fast. Say goodbye to painters that take weeks to finish the job, cause property damage, provide poor workmanship, or disappear in the middle of the job. We’ll be there when you need us, and we’ll always make sure you’re happy with the results. We have tons of experience in providing interior and exterior painting services to all types of businesses, including offices, warehouses, Gyms and fitness centers, Property management companies, and more. When it comes to the techniques used to touch up your original paint job, it is important to keep in mind that MSI follows a process so that the job is done properly and professionally:
Prep Work

  • After hand cleaning, all loose paint on wood surfaces will be scraped, sanded, and spot primed.
  • All deteriorated caulking will be removed and fresh caulk will be added.

Interior Painting

  • All surfaces will be hand cleaned prior to painting.
  • All new wood will be primed fully before interior painting.
  • Paint will be applied with a one coat application, unless further specified by project owner.

Being one of the leading administrators of touch up painting in North and South Carolina, serving many commercial clients across the states, MSI strives to provide its clients with the best experience you’ve had. We will get your job done on time, under budget, and to the highest quality standards. Contact us today for a quote.