Traffic Control Sign Installation and Repair Services

In order to convey messages or symbols to drivers correctly, traffic signs are implemented throughout highways and streets. These devices are made with retroreflective materials that reflect light from headlights back towards the driver’s eyes. This is to achieve maximum visibility, especially at night. Traffic signs are essential because, without them, drivers are not properly given any information about the circumstances of the road they’re on. This can lead to catastrophic events if not properly dealt with.
While there is much to be said about the design, placement, operation, and maintenance of signs, there are a few key principles that are critical for traffic signs to be effective. In general, they must:

  • Fulfill a need
  • Command attention
  • Convey a clear, simple meaning
  • Command respect from road users
  • Give adequate time for proper response

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Need Help Installing Traffic Signs

There are many types of signs and posts as well, each with different uses and methods of installation. The most common types of signs are Regulatory signs, Warning signs, and Guide signs. Depending on the location and type of environment the sign may be installed on a wood post, U-Channel steel post, Square steel tube, or I-Beam Steel post.
Localized conditions, especially in urban areas, may cause signs to become less visible due to the buildup of dirt, grime, mildew, or mold. Locations where sign cleaning may be warranted include:

  • Signs under trees
  • Signs along routes with heavy truck traffic
  • Areas with infrequent rainfall
  • Signs in industrial areasOne of the common deficiencies found during an inspection is partial or full blockage of the sign by roadside vegetation. During the spring and summer seasons, fast growing weeds can quickly cover a sign as will tree branches and brush. If sign maintenance is done during these seasons, these situations can be readily identified. And, if the technician has suitable equipment, it can be rectified promptly.
    While many bent signs can be read in the daylight, some bent signs, even signs with minor bending, are difficult to see at night because they no longer reflect the light from the vehicle’s headlights back to the driver’s eyes. Minor bending like this may be repaired by removing the sign from the post and straightening the sign face.
    Signs with scraped faces (usually as a result of being hit) or signs that have holes in them (typically as a result of gunshot vandalism) are often no longer legible, particularly at night. The damaged areas no longer reflect light back to the driver.
    Overpainted signs can often be cleaned, however, many cleaning materials will damage the sign face materials which will result in the need to replace the sign. There are several approaches to overpainted signs. All these approaches work to varying degrees to help reduce and control this problem. Generally a combination of these approaches is recommended for communities with recurring or increasing vandalism problems.
    MSIs expert mechanics have extensive experience in installing and repairing message boards, arrow boards, light towers and more. Our technicians can also repair and replace damaged components on any type of traffic control equipment, so you can focus on your projects. MSI is one of the leading administrators in North and South Carolina for installing and repairing traffic control signs, serving many commercial clients across the states. Contact us today for a quote.