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Quick Tips On Backflow Testing

A healthy water pipe system involves positive pressure to keep water flowing properly. However, sometimes things go wrong that can lead to problems, especially if not addressed in a timely manner. One of those problems is backflow, and it’s an issue that should be tested for regularly.

What is Backflow?

Backflow occurs when the positive pressure in a system is reverse or affected, thus causing cross-connections and other problems. When the change in pressure happens, it can result in back siphonage or back pressure.

Back siphonage may occur when the supply pressure is below that of the water system’s pressure, which can result in contaminated water being pulled into the system.

Back pressure is caused by a system having higher water pressure than its supply, which can then force contaminated water into the public water system.

Backflow can also result in:

• water tank cracks

• broken pipes

• malfunctioning pumps

• water main bursts

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Why You Need to Test for Backflow

Testing for backflow is crucial because if not monitored, it can lead to unsanitary conditions and health hazards. Backflow can lead to cross contamination between contaminants and clean drinking water, which could potentially make a lot of people sick.

There is always the potential for backflow in water supplies—both public and private—since piping systems are often being changed, installed, or extended. Periodic testing can let you know if everything is working as it should be. Problems can then be avoided if handled right away, as opposed to finding out too late when the damage is far worse.

How Backflow Testing Works

When our specialists test for backflow, we inspect and clean all units to make sure everything is continuously working correctly. Then, we shut down the water supply to visually inspect the device that needs to be tested. This will help us in knowing the proper direction of the system’s water flow and checking for cross-connections.

The next step is then to use a test kit for determining all areas are operating properly. We may inspect areas in a certain order, depending on what is being tested.

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