Commercial Maintenance for Restaurants

In the fast-paced world of food service, there is no time for broken machinery or leaking faucets. Maintenance Specialists Inc. has a team of highly-trained handymen ready to perform any task from painting and drywalling, to minor plumbing and electrical, all the way to mechanical equipment repair. Big or small, MSI has you covered throughout North and South Carolina.

No Time for Downtime

When equipment fails, it can be crippling. If the stoves stop working, food does not come out in a timely manner. If a faucet leaks, staff might spend more time cleaning up puddles than with customers. It is essential that problems can be solved in a timely and professional manner. The only way to ensure that a problem does not come back, is to make sure it is fixed right the first time.

MSI has a team of qualified handymen standing by to make sure that no customer goes hungry. Whether it is a simple light change or a more complicated mechanical issue, we can have someone on site quickly to make sure the problem is resolved properly the first time.

Preventative Maintenance

The best way to ensure that everything runs smoothly it to have it checked regularly. Most companies are reactive with their repairs. If a piece of equipment breaks, then they spend the time and money to fix it or replace it. What if they could have prevented the downtime and expense associated with a breakdown before it even happened? Keeping a preventative maintenance inspection schedule is the most effective way to find potential risks and prevent future downtime.

When you call Maintenance Specialists Inc., we will do a walkthrough of the restaurant looking for potential issues with the lighting, electrical, safety, building structure, along with any machinery and use our preventative services to ensure everything is running properly. We will then create a preventative maintenance schedule specific to the business. This could include anything from lubricating machinery to adjusting or replacing specific parts. This way we can continuously monitor the operation and catch problems before they arise, costing more money and slowing down or potentially stopping business.

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Commercial Cleaning Services

There is nothing more dissuading to a customer than a filthy restaurant. Keeping facilities clean is not only about image, but about customer and employee health as well. A clean space will improve employees’ quality of work and customer experience. In addition to the psychological benefits of a clean space, proper cleaning can benefit equipment as well and increase life expectancy.

We understand that the food service industry is chaotic and finding the time to do a thorough cleaning can be hard. At MSI, we offer janitorial assistance, floor stripping and waxing, carpet cleaning, and even pressure washing services for exteriors. Our professionals can have any property shining like new inside and out. There is also the option to choose a one-time service or schedule regular commercial cleanings.

Food Service Maintenance Specialists

Maintenance Specialists Inc. provides customized commercial services to restaurants and businesses throughout the Charlotte Metro area. We have experience working with the food service industry and understand its specific needs. Whether you are looking for a quick fix of an immediate problem, preventative maintenance, or a thorough cleaning, MSI has an experienced professional standing by ready to help. Spend more time with your customers and let us handle the repairs. Contact us today for a free quote or call (704) 405-6000.