Most homeowners would agree that the biggest problem one can face is a flooded home. The reality is that many owners view their home as invincible. No one ever expects their home to be grounded in water, and they certainly do not prepare for such damage. The damage of a flood is one of the most costly repairs a homeowner can face. If you are ready to prepare your home for water damage, recognize these easy maintenance tips that will save you money in the long run.

Cleaning Your Gutters

Everyone knows this is the worst job ever. The hassle of setting up a ladder and cleaning off the rubbish that has collected over the months. Especially during the Fall season when the leaves are coming down profusely. If your gutters can not do their job because of the overload of leaves, water can end up funneling onto your roof, walls, and foundation. Rotting walls can cost thousands of dollars to repair the damage.

Check Your Doors

Many people think doors are safe and shouldn’t rot. If you are not careful and don’t check the caulk around your doors, mold can easily slip into your home. Water can come in from the rain and seep into the walls and carpet leading into your home

Beware Of Sprinklers

Sprinkler systems are a great way to go. We understand the desire to have a nice lawn and landscaping. When you have your sprinklers on, be sure to position them away from your home. If there is a continuum of water that rests on one spot of your home,  mold can easily become evident.

All of these suggestions are DIY and are easy, cost-effective ways to keep your home from flooding and the icky mold that can invade anyone’s house.

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