How To Decide Which Commercial Cleaning Services You Will Need This Winter

If your company is located in a place that has severe weather in the Winter, then it is important to have a plan in place to avoid having unnecessary injuries from your staff and customers. If you are not careful to plan your commercial cleaning winter strategy well, it could leave you subject to lawsuits if a customer of employee gets injured on your property as a result of your negligence and lack of planning. If you are considering which kinds of Winter commercial cleaning services you will need this year, review the information below:


Take a Deep Look at the Size & Location of Your Office

To have the ideal Winter commercial cleaning planning, you have to look at a blueprint of your facility and identify areas that will need Winter commercial cleaning. You will also have to consider where your office is located and how severe the Winter weather is each year. By examining these two factors, it will be possible for you to figure out which areas of Winter commercial cleaning services that you will need to narrow your focus to.


Consider Planning for Your Parking Lot or Parking Garage

If your commercial office space has a parking lot or parking garage, many Winter commercial cleaning strategies need to be considered. For example, if you have a wide parking lot that has sidewalks with ramps for customers to use to access your business, then you will need to consider salting before a snowstorm and snow/ice removal regularly during the Winter. Your parking garage will also need to be checked for ice removal if the parking garage has sides that are exposed to the outdoors.


Look at Flooring Both Inside & Outside of Your Office

It is wise to put as many entry mats a possible to eliminate the presence of salt, dust, and moisture in your flooring. If you are not careful, your flooring could begin to mold or could be a breeding ground for bacteria that could negatively impact your staff’s and customer’s health. If you put a mat outside your front door and immediately inside your door and clean them regularly, it will help you to eliminate this hazard in your office.


Clean Your HVAC Systems for Better Air Quality

One of the most dangerous aspects of the Winter season is the bad air quality that HVAC systems produce. If your company does not regularly have your HVAC systems cleaned, it can cause employees and customers to have allergies or get sick due to the constant recirculation of air from all over the office. Before the Winter season, it is essential to have your HVAC systems inspected by a professional that will provide a recommended cleaning timeline for the year.


Disinfect Areas Frequently

You should be cleaning your office daily in all seasons of the year; however, in the Winter, this is particularly important. Winter is a popular time of year for germs to be spread and for many people to get sick. All it takes is one individual in your office for many to get sick due to the common workspaces that many employees share. It is wise if you create a strategy to have both the individual and common areas of your office cleaned regularly so that you can reduce the number of employees that may have to call out sick during the Winter season.


Have a Snow Removal Plan

Snow removal plans and safety plans when snow occurs are important to both the safety of your employees and your customers. Make sure that you have designed procedures that will remove snow from the immediate areas surrounding your office including parking lots or parking structures. If you have a loading dock, you will need to clear a path in the snow to be sure that you can resume your shipments even if the snow sticks for several days. By having a proper snow removal plan, it will help you reduce delays in your business’ lead times and increase your company’s customer satisfaction.


Clean Your Gutters

If your office location has gutters, it is important to have them cleaned before the snow hits. If you do not, you will have the risk of reduced drainage as well as structural damage to your office space. Regardless of whether you are renting or owning, it is important to check the gutters before a snowstorm hits to reduce the structural damage to your office building.


Get Your Windows Cleaned

Even though there may be a great deal of snow and rain in the Winter, it is important to get your windows cleaned. The reason for this is that when Winter has arrived, the lighting changes, which harms an employee’s vision. The dirtier windows get throughout the season, the poorer vision quality employees will have, which affects their productivity. By having a window cleaning plan in plan both before the start of the Winter season and during, you will be able to greatly improve the quality of the work environment that is provided to your employees.


Continue Your Regular Cleaning Services

At times, business owners forget the importance of maintaining their regular cleaning services even though they need additional cleaning services during the winter months. Offices should still be having daily cleanings after employees have left to be sure each area is disinfected for the elimination of germs. For business owners who forget to continue their usual cleaning routine on top of their additional cleaning services needed for Winter, they may find increased absences from employees due to illness.

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