How to Get Your Academic Facilities Ready for the Upcoming School Year 

Now that the end of Summer is approaching, it is important to consider what preparations need to be made for the upcoming school year. Each year, schools have a great deal of maintenance that is required to maintain safety standards for students.

Schools need to wait until their Summer programs have ended to complete a final clean up before school year starts. If you are considering how to prepare your school for the upcoming school year, let’s discuss how to do it properly.


Recommended School Cleaning Options to Prepare for the Start of School Year

There are many areas schools need to consider cleaning. Cleaning it is more complex than managers realize. Consider focusing on these services when designing your pre-school year school clean up strategy:


High Areas

Depending on what kind of school you have, several hard-to-reach areas can be challenging to clean during regular school year. For example, if you have an outdoor campus, there will be several roofs, gutters, and other high structures that need to be cleaned. This is particularly true if your school is located somewhere where there are four seasons.

If you have an indoor campus, your facilities still need to be cleaned, especially the top of your roof and exterior windows. One thing you can do to decrease your liability during school year is to find trained experts. That way, areas that are difficult to reach without high ladders and other dangerous equipment will be thoroughly cleaned.



The cafeteria is a widely used area all year in a school. If a school hosts Summer camps, then the cafeteria is also used daily during Summer. Cafeterias need to be cleaned deeply and do disinfection as well. After all, the main function of a cafeteria has something to do with food. Another important thing is to make sure that it meets food safety standards to shield the school from liabilities.



Depending on what kind of school you have, there may be lockers where students put their books and other belongings. It’s important to have lockers cleaned after each school year and once Summer school ends so that they are germ-free and fresh for students to utilize once the school year started.


Nurse Facilities

Any part of the school that’s dedicated to healthcare should be treated with the utmost care when it comes to maintaining. Deep cleaning is essential at the beginning of the school year to make sure the area is bacteria-free. Not only does it lessen the school’s liabilities, but it also provides students access to both a clean and safe space.



Whether your school has a large or relatively small gymnasium, it needs to be maintained. A gymnasium is used in hosting different types of school activities. These events allow food or drinks to be served, so there’s a lot to clean.

Moreover, athletes who use the gymnasium during both the school year and the Summer makes it even more susceptible to dirt and unwanted stuff.
Having a detailed cleaning session of the gymnasium both on the ground and taller areas is important to start the year off safely and with cleanliness in place.


Locker Rooms

Each school will typically offer Physical Education programs with locker rooms and showers for individual lockers. Showers in these areas are usually tiled and are very difficult to keep clean during the school year and Summer.

Before the school year starts, it is vital to have a comprehensive cleaning of the locker room so that the showers, bathrooms, lockers and every part of it are spotless before they are used regularly during the school year.



Schools have many different sets of bathrooms depending on their overall size. These bathrooms are used multiple times per day by a lot of people. Thus, they specifically need to have regular comprehensive cleanings to maintain safety and cleanliness standards. Make sure you deep clean the bathrooms before the start of the school year to make future maintenance easier.


Drinking Fountains

Drinking fountains need to be cleaned regularly. Depending on what type of drinking fountains the school has, it will be important to check their plumbing and also cleaning the area close to where the students drink from.



Auditoriums are likely used by students. But they are also used by members of the public for concerts and school events. So, it’s also vital that they are cleaned before the beginning of the school year since the students may be using the auditorium for school-wide assemblies or theatre practice. A deep cleaning focusing on the seats, stage, and ceiling areas is important before the school year starts. Doing this will not only lessen school liabilities, but it will also raise the school’s reputation.



Playgrounds are normally used both during Summer and regular school year. Before students arrive, it’s wise to clean the playground and check for any areas that may need repairs. This way, potential accidents can be avoided and it will protect the school from liabilities.


Walking Pathways

Regardless of whether the school is inside or outdoor, it should have some form of a walkway. This needs to be checked for necessary repairs before the school year starts.
Construction can be complicated once the school year starts, which is why it is usually best to get any repairs done beforehand.



Other vital parts of the school are the school’s plumbing and any hardware. These need to be checked for maintenance. It can include electrical outlets, vents, pipes, generators, and water sources to be sure that there are no repairs needed. Most schools will need climate control during the school year, which means all of those need to be checked carefully before the school year starts. Be sure to carefully consider which repairs need to be made so you’re assured they are taken care of before the school’s campus becomes full of students.


Science Laboratories

A science laboratory needs special care. Make sure you have a team dedicated to cleaning all the equipment along with the laboratory workspaces to ensure that everything is pristine for the first day of school.


Pools & Fountains

Some campuses have pools and fountains. Before the school year starts, drain and clean them to avoid the growth of fungi and other unwanted stuff. Make sure you invest in these larger cleanings so that the swim team can use the pool safely and the fountains are using clean water.


How MSI Can Help You Prepare Your Academic Facility

MSI has many years of experience with school cleanings in many parts of the United States. Due to our diverse expertise, we can serve our clients on many different maintenance and repair issues that their academic communities face in all seasons of the year.

Our objective is to be the one maintenance company that schools can partner with to meet each of their repair needs. The best way to see how MSI can work with your school is to set up a consultation to speak with us about our offers and various pricing packages. This way, your school can decide exactly what services it needs MSI to provide and how it will fit into their expected annual maintenance budget.

To learn more about how MSI can help with your school’s cleaning options or maintenance requests, give us a call at (855) 238-8488 or contact us online.

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