Keeping Your Energy Bill Low During the Holidays


Although the holidays are a great time of year for love, family, and food, the occasion

can potentially be a detriment to your energy bill. With the extra electrical decorations,

increased visitors in the home, and extra use of the oven, your energy use can add up



That doesn’t have to be the case, however. Here are some great energy-saving tips to

employ while enjoying your holiday:


Use LED Lights

LED lights are the way to go for affordable and energy-saving lit holiday decorations.

Not only do they last 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs, it takes a lot less power

per unit to operate them. Plus, LEDs are more durable and less sensitive to low

temperatures than other lighting.


Use Light Timers

To avoid accidentally keeping your holiday display lights on overnight, install a timer to

switch them off around the time you go to bed. There’s no sense in spending money to

keep them on when no one is awake to see them.


Use Oven Alternatives

Whenever possible during your holiday cooking, use smaller appliances like the

microwave, toaster oven, or slow cooker pots. These use less energy than your oven

and can be great options for making smaller portions or side dishes.


Use Ceramic or Glass in the Oven

When you are using the oven, choose these types of pans instead of metal. They heat

up faster, so you can cook dishes the same amount of time at 25 degrees less than the

usual temperature. This saves you money without any extra effort.


Use the Oven Light for Checking

Many people don’t realize that simply opening the oven door for a few seconds to check

on foods can use up a lot more energy. A significant amount of heat escapes when an

oven is opened, so it must then work harder to heat back up to the right temperature.

This can be avoided by simply using the oven light as much as possible to check on

food instead.


Carefully Plan Oven Cleaning

Only use the oven’s self-cleaning feature when absolutely necessary—and when you

do, make sure it’s right after the oven has been used. The leftover heat will help with the

amount of energy required for cleaning.


Remind Guests to Turn Off Lights

You can save over $7 each month in electricity just by turning off at least one light and

one ceiling fan when leaving the room. If you will have extra people staying in your

home over the holidays, remind your guests to be diligent about the “off” switch when

exiting a room.

With a little extra conscientiousness, you can enjoy your holiday season while also

avoiding a surprisingly large number on your next energy bill.


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