Commercial Property Backflow Testing

Buildings with indoor plumbing, irrigation or boilers/heaters run the risk of having backflow issues. Backflow is when unwanted/ dirty water flows in the wrong direction resulting in contamination; it is caused by a change in pressure within the system. Properties are fitted with a backflow prevention system to to protect their water supply. The system works by allowing untainted water through the pipes while keeping the dirty water from flowing back into the original water stream. You must get your backflow prevention system checked regularly to avoid this issue. Maintenance Specialists Inc. will test your backflow so you can rest easy knowing your commercial property is safe from water contamination.

Minor Plumbing Repair Services

Along with Backflow testing, Maintenance Specialists Inc. offers minor plumbing services to ensure your commercial property water systems are running properly. We provide plumbing hardware repairs that include toilets, sinks, and faucets. Any small leak is dangerous for your building as it can cause mold or deterioration. We will analyze your plumbing system and fix any minor leaks before they do any harm. Our trained professionals will help you with repairs and installation of plumbing supplies quickly and efficiently.

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We Focus on Preventative Maintenance

MSI focuses all our services around preventative maintenance. We believe that the best way to handle an issue is to anticipate it and prepare. If you are dealing with a maintenance or cleaning issue MSI can handle it. We offer services that help you avoid these problems later on. For example, we add sealant to walls after removing graffiti to make for an easier and cheaper removal in the future. With MSI, your commercial facility will be ready for anything time throws at it.

Backflow Testing in Charlotte

Maintenance Specialists Inc. is one of the leading companies providing maintenance and cleaning services in Charlotte and surrounding areas. Our team of experts will help you make sure your commercial is running smoothly and efficiently. Maintenance issues are a pain but with MSI you will know your problems will be solved. Contact us today to request a free quote for commercial property maintenance or call us at (704) 405-6000