Protecting Your Commercial Property from External Damages

Your company’s image is very important when it comes to retaining clients and bringing in new ones. Your commercial property is is a representation of your company which is why it must be kept in pristine condition. It is nearly impossible to predict what will happen to your property which is why we offer services to help you prevent or react to problems that may arise. Severe weather like hurricanes or tornadoes may cause damage to your windows. We provide clients with services that will secure windows, doors, and other parts of your commercial property to ensure the security of the building. Our experts will fit your property with the equipment to protect it from several factors including weather, theft, or any random occurrence.

Preventative Boarding Up Services

Maintenance Specialists Inc. believes that the best way to deal with a problem is to plan ahead. When you plan for future issues it is easier to fix in a timely manner. In some cases you may have to leave your company to stay safe. When this happens, your property is vulnerable to a number of things that may negatively affect it. This includes looting, damage from weather, or animal incidents. We provide services that will help you prevent these problem. We board up your commercial property so you can avoid the costs of reparations after the fact. MSI continues to promote the theme of preventative maintenance throughout our expert services.

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Post-Storm and External Damage Cleaning Services

Weather is unpredictable; and so is the aftermath of a storm. You can prepare for bad weather but when a storm is too much for a community it could be devastating. The damage caused by these storms can leave behind debris consisting of trash, building materials or anything else that could not handle the conditions. Maintenance Specialists Inc. offers external damage cleaning services to commercial properties affected by severe weather. Our services will return your company property into its original pristine condition.

Professional Property Board-Up Services

Maintenance Specialists Inc. knows that it is difficult to anticipate things you cannot control, but you can control how you defend against possible complications. We offer clients services that protect against hurricane damage, stolen property, and internal damage. MSI is one of the leading administrators in North and South Carolina for emergency board ups, serving many multi-residential and commercial clients across the states. For a free quote, contact us or call (704) 405-6000