Commercial Property Handyman Maintenance

Repairing issues within your property can be difficult especially when it’s something out of your skill range. Simple things like changing light bulbs or filling holes in the wall can quickly be completed by you or your workers. But what about the more advanced tasks? Tasks like fixing mechanical breakdowns, plumbing repairs, or electrical and safety system installation/ maintenance. These, along with other difficult projects, can cause a number of complications. Some problems that may arise include damaged equipment, production loss, and complete company shutdown; this can occur when maintenance issues are neglected. 

Commercial Maintenance for Any Occasion

Maintenance Specialists Inc. offers clients skilled handyman that can tackle any task you have around your home, business, or office. Our team of professionals can handle anything from mechanical repairs to simple maintenance. We will send out one of our many handymen to your location throughout the Carolinas. We will complete tasks as small as gutter cleaning or siding repairs and for those bigger issues like building maintenance we will send our team of experts for a quick and efficient repair. 

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Preventative Maintenance for Commercial Properties

The easiest way to fix a problem is to anticipate it. Maintenance Specialists Inc. provides clients with preventative maintenance services to avoid possible issues with your company’s equipment or commercial property. We conduct tests that will help us determine the right plan for you. After we evaluate the collected data from your equipment we help create a maintenance schedule specifically tailored for you. With the help of our handymen, you can rest easy knowing you have avoided future maintenance issues.

Property Maintenance Comes in Handy

Maintenance Specialists Inc. is dedicated to making your commercial property safer for you and your customers. We are a team of well-trained, extensively-experienced, and skillful professionals who are 100% committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. If you are looking for a dependable company that can handle all of your home or business needs, large and small, then MSI is right for you. Contact us today for a free quote or call (704) 405-6000.