Commercial Property Siding Repair

A building’s siding protects the walls from weather, insulates your interior, and increases curb appeal. Siding will become damaged over time. Neglecting to fix siding will result in deterioration of the interior wall and eventually affect equipment within the facility. If your siding is damaged in any way call MSI today. We provide expert siding repair services to commercial properties. Our team will inspect your building and identify the problem areas; we complete siding repairs and maintenance in a timely manner. 

Dry Rot and Wood Decay Repairs for Commercial Properties

If your commercial property has wood siding it is more susceptible to water damage. Prolonged exposure will lead to decay, and in that case you need a professional to handle the removal and replacement. That’s where MSI comes in; we provide dry rot and wood decay repairs/ replacement for commercial facilities. Left untreated, decay will spread and eventually weaken the building’s structure. It is costly to ignore signs of dry rot; MSI is here to help you protect your building from deterioration without breaking the bank.

Call us today at (704) 405-6000 for all your commercial maintenance needs!

Commercial Property Surface Cleaning and Maintenance

MSI’s repair services cover a number of materials and surfaces.; from tile and carpet flooring to cement walls and wood siding. We have the equipment and expertise to handle any task quickly and efficiently. One of our main focuses when tending to your property is preventative maintenance. The best way to avoid an issue is to anticipate it; which is why we take this approach when completing a repair. Along with maintenance services, we also offer property cleaning as well. Stains and markings on any surface are unappealing. MSI wants your facility to be spotless; our cleaning services include graffiti removal, powerwashing, window cleaning, and much more.

Maintenance and Cleaning Services in Charlotte

MSI provides commercial properties professional cleaning and maintenance services throughout the Charlotte region and beyond. Our team is dedicated to making your building attractive and thoroughly cleaned/ maintained. Contact us today for a free quote or call (704) 405-6000.