Commercial Company Project Maintenance

A clean environment is important for a successful business. Keeping your surroundings clean creates a professional image for your company. Some cleaning jobs can be handled on your own but others require more attention. This may include event set up, post-event cleanup, or storm clean up. Without the proper help these special projects could take a long time which means time wasted if you choose to take on the project yourself. Maintenance Specialists Inc. will help you complete these one-time jobs efficiently so your company can focus on business operations.

Severe Weather Preparation and Post Cleanup

Storms and natural disasters can wreak havoc on commercial properties not only causing massive amounts of damage, but also leaving debris around the building. Weather is impossible to avoid but it is possible to be prepared for its effects. We offer emergency board up services to protect your commercial property’s interior. We will fit your property with equipment to protect it from the after-effects as well. Fallen debris can damage windows and lead to a breach in your property, but with our help you will know your building is protected. We offer post-storm cleaning services when surrounding areas are cluttered with rubble or trash. MSI wants your commercial property to be protected and attractive, which is why we offer expert cleaning and preventative maintenance services.

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Commercial Event Support

Maintenance Specialists Inc. not only offers property maintenance and inspections, but also support for company events. Hosting a special event can be overwhelming especially when working alone; but we are here to help. We provide you with a team of professionals to set up your event and clean up afterwards. We work with you to ensure the event is ready for guests, and after, we make sure it is spotless for future events. Our event maintenance services makes event hosting easier.

Special Project Maintenance and Cleaning

MSI wants to help you with any special project that your company may have. We offer clients expert services from cleaning up after a severe hurricane to preparing for a company fundraiser. With Maintenance Specialists Inc. your special project/ event will be a success. For a free quote, contact us or call (704) 405-6000.