Commercial Property Stone Veneer Exterior Repair

Stone veneers, like every residential exterior, are not indestructible. Complications may arise due to a number of issues including inclement weather, moisture, and random accidents. Your stone veneer could crack which can lead to leakage eventually leading to mold. It is important to be aware of these problems and to act on them. Maintenance Specialists Inc. offers services to  repair damages done to your stone veneers. Ignoring stone veneer issues can be very costly. We will help you avoid the extra costs of prolonged damages; costs like mold removal, damaged foundation, and exterior replacement.

What is Stone Veneer Masonry?

Stone veneer is designed to replicate the aesthetic look of stone. It is a more practical alternative to natural stone. Natural stone is hard to transport do to its weight, high expenses, and mineral composition. Stone veneers retain the style of natural stone while improving the economics and stability of it. Typically, stone veneer is installed on top of wood surfaces with metal laths (a mesh foundation similar to a window screen) filled with mortar beneath. This technique gives properties a unique look while maintaining a durable foundation.

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Stone Veneer Maintenance and Repair Specialists

MSI provides you with a team of professionals to anticipate problems, asses damages, and repair deterioration. Our stone veneer services range from general repairs to interior wall moisture prevention. It is important to defend against possible future issues which is why we offer clients preventative maintenance. We apply this to commercial business equipment as well as commercial property. Our experts are equipped with the knowledge and tools to appropriately detect your problems and get the job done right. Maintenance Specialists Inc. wants your company to be successful which achieved with a professional and safe environment.

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Maintenance Specialists Inc. is one of the leading administrators in North and South Carolina for stone veneer and block repair, serving many commercial clients across the states. We provide many services that will help keep your commercial property in tip top shape including but not limited to office renovations and siding repairs. Contact us today for a free quote or call us at (704) 405-6000