Traffic Control Sign Installation and Repair Services

Traffic control signs are an essential part of keeping drivers and pedestrians safe on roads and parking lots. They should be designed to quickly and clearly convey information about road conditions, rules, and traffic patterns. Much like commercial lighting, proper installation and maintenance of traffic control signs is an essential part of creating a safe workplace or commercial space. Without clear signage on the streets and parking lots surrounding your property, you are asking for accidents to happen and opening yourself up to major liabilities.

Traffic Sign Installation

MSI can help you make your property safer with traffic control sign installation and maintenance services. While checking for other commercial maintenance blind spots and providing services like parking lot striping, we can identify potential hazards in your parking lots and nearby roadways. Once identified, we will work with you to install new signs where needed.

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Traffic Sign Maintenance and Cleaning

A sign is no good if you can’t see it. Localized conditions, especially in urban areas, may cause signs to become less visible due to the buildup of dirt, grime, mildew, or mold. During the spring and summer seasons, it is common for fast-growing weeds and vegetation to cover and obscure signs. It is also common for signs to become unusable due to vandalism or being bent and damaged by inattentive drivers. Don’t let damaged or dirty signs become a liability on your property.

MSI has extensive experience installing and repairing message boards, arrow boards, light towers and more. Our technicians can repair and replace damaged components on any type of traffic control equipment, so you can focus on your projects. MSI is one of the leading administrators in North and South Carolina for installing and repairing traffic control signs, serving many commercial clients across the states. Contact us for a free quote or call (704) 405-6000