Commercial and Vacant Property Cleaning in Charlotte

Clutter builds up if an area is left unattended and it can have negative consequences. This includes dangerous environments, pollution, and negative company image. It is important to keep your property clean whether it is fully occupied or completely vacant. Maintenance Specialists Inc. provides services to keep both populated and vacant commercial properties spotless. While you focus on your business operations, we will make sure your building has a safe environment clear of debris and waste. Our commercial cleaning services help keep your company’s office or warehouse maintained to avoid future problems.

Clearing Vacant Lots and Cleaning Vacant Properties

Maintenance Specialists Inc. will provide you with cleaning services from vacant lot trash removal to unoccupied property cleaning. There are a number of ways your vacant properties can become littered. Storms carry debris which could end up near or around your building; which will then need post-storm cleanup. Unsupervised or forgotten lots gather trash from surrounding areas which is why it is important not to neglect your vacant properties. Keeping them clean will not only attract more buyers but also keep the environment healthy.

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Newly Purchased Vacant Property Maintenance

Older abandoned buildings are clutter magnets. Some vacant buildings gather large amounts of dust, debris, and even graffiti. If you have purchased one of these buildings or are planning to, MSI is here to help in Charlotte. We have several cleaning services that will transform that building to its former glory. We provide graffiti removal services that will help prevent future vandalism. The cleaning process we use depends on the severity of the vandalism or other stains. For those difficult marks we use a power washing system unless instructed otherwise. Your property will be as good as new after working with us.

Vacant Property Cleaning Services

MSI knows that a clean environment is important for a successful business. We offer expert cleaning services for both vacant and occupied commercial properties. Contact us today for a free quote or call (704) 405-6000.