Protect Your Properties From Storm

The Carolinas are prone to large storms such as hurricanes, especially along the coast. That is why MSI offers emergency storm clean up services for commercial properties in North and South Carolina. After a big storm hits and leaves behind large amounts of damage, you need to ensure that you have a plan to clean up the mess.

At MSI, we offer several post-storm cleanup services, such as:

  • Debris Removal
  • Tree Removal
  • Water Removal
  • Floor and Wall Restoration
  • Window Replacement
  • Mold Removal

…And More!


After Storm Damage, MSI Can Give You a Fresh Start

We know that damage from strong storms like hurricanes is very distressing, both emotionally and financially, which is why we aim to provide you with a fresh start and quality services that don’t break the bank. We offer several services, from debris and tree removal to window replacement, floor restoration, and more.

We understand that everybody’s situation is different, so we are prepared to customize a cleanup plan that fits your unique situation. But regardless of your needs, our skilled technicians will quickly and affordably complete the job, because keeping you safe, comfortable is our main priority.


Learn More About MSI Storm Cleanup Services

At MSI, we are committed to improving the condition of your commercial property. We work to protect your investment, keep your clients satisfied, and your workforce happy with a well-maintained building. If you want to lower your maintenance costs and keep your property looking its best, give MSI a call at (844) 327-1986, or contact us online for a free, no-obligation quote.