Building Maintenance

For a variety of reasons, buildings eventually become ridden with trash or solely need to be maintained in areas where one simply cannot without exhausting a fortune on different specialists. However, MSI provides commercial cleaning and maintenance services and covers all areas desired. At MSI we are committed to providing our customers with consistent, quality services, which are recognized as contributing factors towards the operational successes of our customers’ organizations.

We will continuously strive to improve our processes through customer input, workforce development, and self-evaluation. With these commitments, we will seek to develop, maintain, and enhance our recognition in the building service industry as an invaluable partner, thereby leading to growth opportunities and an improved marketplace position. Our business cleaning services will help you enhance your investment and maintain your upscale image. We do our best to document the needs of our customers and develop a detailed training program for our staff to meet those needs.

We will improve the overall health of those in your facility through our stringent commercial cleaning processes. Proper disinfection of surfaces is proven to reduce the spread of germs, helping to keep your employees and customers healthy and happy.

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When it comes to building maintenance services, MSI is the premier provider for corporate building maintenance. No other building maintenance services company can match the quality of our work or our level of customer service. We tailor our services to every customer’s needs or requests.

What We Do

Whether you are a large Real Estate management company or Facility operations organization, we fulfill our customers’ requests with the utmost professionalism and urgency. Since every customer has different needs, we provide each customer with a detailed list of our service specifications. In this manner, our customers know exactly what services to expect, and the frequency with which to expect them. We use various methods of cleaning, offering a safe and reliable way to maintain cleanliness in the work environment and protect the atmosphere. Green Cleaning is considered safe for the environment because it does not introduce harsh chemicals into the surrounding area. MSI provides equipment and supplies that are certified in green cleaning. This method involves using microfiber materials, and products that are effective in maintaining clean, and healthy facilities.

No task is too hard for us, we are equipped with skilled professionals. Our capabilities are extensive enough to handle what some might believe too complex or challenging. Whether you need MSI for just one job or many, we’re here to do the job proper and efficient with affordable prices. Our maintenance services cover every area, including but not limited to, general office cleaning, trash removal, sanitation, vent cleaning, and pest control. If you need a reliable and low-cost provider that you can trust to handle your every need, contact us today for a quote.