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Every facility requires regular maintenance — not just for appearance’s sake, but also for the long-term preservation of the property and its components. If you’re in need of the best facilities maintenance services, Maintenance Specialists Inc. is the one to call.

What Is Facilities Maintenance?

Facilities maintenance is the process of performing upkeep and maintenance to a building, space, or structure with the purpose of keeping it in good working condition and preventing deterioration. It typically involves inspecting and servicing capital assets and appliances, thorough cleaning, security checks, and even pest control.

Industrial Maintenance vs Property Maintenance

Not to be confused with industrial maintenance, facilities maintenance refers to the maintenance of non-manufacturing commercial buildings. Industrial maintenance, on the other hand, refers to the maintenance of manufacturing plants. Facilities maintenance also differs from property maintenance, which is the maintenance of residential buildings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Facilities maintenance is the process of performing upkeep and maintenance to a building, space, or structure with the purpose of keeping it in good working condition and preventing deterioration. It typically involves inspecting and servicing capital assets and appliances, thorough cleaning, security checks, and even pest control.

Maintaining an entire facility is a tough job and usually requires an understanding of the different types of services involved. The management and maintenance of facilities can be classified into two general types: Hard services and soft services.

Hard services refer to the physical aspects and components of a facility. In other words, it’s the hardware. This includes the structure of the building, HVAC units, escalators and elevators, lighting, and plumbing. Soft services refer to the more intangible aspects of facility maintenance and management. This includes cleaning, security, pest control, information systems, grounds maintenance, and waste disposal.

 The tasks that both facility managers and maintenance technicians perform can fall under these categories: Preventive Maintenance, EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety), Fire Safety, Security, Operational Tasks, and Cleaning.

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Which Facilities Require Maintenance?

There are several types of facilities that require constant maintenance, such as:

  • Office Buildings. Many office buildings have assets like HVAC systems and elevators as well as spaces like parking lots and hallways that need regular maintenance. Keeping such equipment and spaces in good condition reduces the likelihood of failure and degradation, thereby ensuring a proper working environment.
  • Hospitals. Safety and proper sanitation are imperative in hospitals. In fact, such facilities are required to follow strict OSHA guidelines. Complying with these guidelines means performing scheduled facilities maintenance. In doing so, hospitals can also prolong the lifespan of medical equipment.
  • Schools and Universities. Educational institutions also have facilities that demand proper maintenance and care. Maintaining spaces, assets, and equipment (such as research equipment) can directly influence the conditions of these items.
  • Hotels. Like office buildings, hotels also have a plethora of assets that require servicing, repairs, and maintenance. This includes elevators, HVAC units, and a sundry of appliances. In addition, hotels must comply with health and safety regulations set forth by OSHA.

Types of
Maintenance Workers

Although there are many types of maintenance workers, each with a particular specialty, general categories include the following:

These maintenance workers take care of the building’s cleanliness. Janitorial tasks typically include sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming carpets, and washing glass windows or doors.

Maintenance Technicians.
These maintenance workers are responsible for carrying out maintenance and repair tasks. They also perform inspections of commercial properties.

Maintenance Supervisors.
These maintenance workers oversee the job. They are the ones who plan and assign tasks as well as supervise maintenance technicians and janitors.

Benefits of Professional Commercial Building Maintenance

Commercial property owners may feel tempted to perform maintenance work in-house in an effort to save money. But, nothing compares to professional services delivered by a capable and reputable company like Maintenance Specialists Inc.

Cleaning is a necessary part of building maintenance. Proper disinfection of surfaces is proven to reduce the spread of germs, keeping your employees and customers healthy and happy.

Instead of hiring a commercial cleaning company, though, MSI can take care of the dirty work. We provide both cleaning services and building maintenance services, packaging them to fit your budget and needs. We will enhance the overall health of both your employees and workers through our strict cleaning standards.

Building Maintenance Checklist

A year-round building maintenance checklist should include the following items:

  • Clean windows and doors
  • Check whether all locks are functioning properly
  • Replace broken light bulbs
  • Test fire alarms and security systems
  • Check the batteries in carbon monoxide and smoke detectors and replace if necessary
  • Inspect fire extinguishers
  • Replace HVAC filters
  • Replace water filters
  • Inspect property for signs of infestation or leaks

Additional maintenance tasks are also required depending on the season.

Summer Building Maintenance

  • Clean gutters and drains
  • Clear roof of debris Check roof for damages
  • Clean trash area and check if in good condition
  • Inspect the following:
  • Windows
  • Parking lot (striping and signs)
  • Structural materials (look out for signs of rotting, rust, etc.)
  • Water run-off or signs of erosion

Fall Building Maintenance

  • Remove fallen leaves
  • Check water heater
  • Have the boiler/furnace serviced
  • Winterize irrigation system
  • Check plumbing system for signs of leaks
  • Repair cracks in the parking lot
  • Seal all gaps or cracks in the building leading to the outside

Winter Building Maintenance

  • Prune trees and prepare landscaping
  • Check the roof for ice dams
  • Inspect for signs of water damage
  • Hire snow removal services

Spring Building Maintenance

  • Have air conditioner units serviced
  • Inspect HVAC system
  • Check if outdoor lighting is working properly
  • Clean and maintain landscaping
  • Hire pressure washing services

Why MSI is your Best Option?

At MSI, we are committed to providing our customers with consistent, quality services. Our maintenance and cleaning services will help you make the most out of your investment and preserve your quality appearance. Let us contribute to the operational success of your organization.

Other reasons to choose MSI to provide your commercial building maintenance services include:

  • Fully insured and licensed general contractor in North
  • Carolina
  • Highly skilled technicians with specializations
  • Safe and eco-friendly products
  • State of the art equipment
  • Completed Job Hazard Analysis form before every job
  • Customizable service packages based on your budget and needs
  • On site within 24 hours for emergency services
  • Serves all kinds of commercial properties and businesses

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Building maintenance is an essential part of commercial property management. And for that, you need Maintenance Specialists Inc., one of the best commercial maintenance companies in the area. No other building maintenance services company can match the quality of our work or our level of customer service.

Our maintenance services cover every area, including but not limited to, commercial cleaning, preventive maintenance, pressure washing, lighting services, minor plumbing repairs, and more. We’re here to do the job properly and efficiently at affordable prices. If you need a reliable and low-cost provider that you can trust to handle your every need, contact us today for a quote or call (704) 405-6000.

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