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Need graffiti removal services in Charlotte, NC? Maintenance Specialists Inc. will effectively remove all the unwanted graffiti from your surfaces. You can count on us to create a clean, safe, and attractive environment for your commercial property.

Importance of Graffiti Removal

Graffiti can be considered a form of art. However, in most cases, it is done as a form of vandalism. Once your commercial property has been tagged or marked, it’s important to act quickly to avoid the detrimental effects of vandalism. Here are the reasons why you need to remove graffiti.

Remove the Negative Perception of Your Business
Most people still perceive graffiti negatively. Graffiti is associated with deterioration, anti-social behavior, offensiveness, poverty, and other negative attributes. Regardless of aesthetic quality, having graffiti on your commercial property will create a negative perception of your business.

Prevent Loss of Sales and Loyal Customers
Graffiti conveys to customers that your commercial property is ill-maintained and/or unsafe. Even loyal customers will avoid going into your business and will just spend their money elsewhere. Thus, graffiti can lead to loss of sales and profits.

Encourage More Acts of Vandalism
If left alone, graffiti can encourage more vandalism. Vandals will think that you don’t care about graffiti and will continue to add more to your commercial property. Worse, they may even resort to more extreme acts of vandalism. This can lead to significant damage or destruction.

Prevent the Decrease of Property Values
Graffiti can decrease the value of your commercial property, as well as the property values of your neighborhood. If you want your business to prosper, owners must contribute to creating a clean and safe environment for the entire community.

Frequently Asked Questions About Graffiti Removal

The effectiveness of a graffiti remover will depend on the surface you are working on as well as the paint that you are trying to remove. There are graffiti removers specifically made for masonry, natural stone, or concrete, as well as graffiti removers for painted surfaces and signages. Graffiti removers are also formulated to specifically deal with ink, acrylic paint, or hardened paint.

If you want to remove graffiti from concrete, apply a paint thinner or graffiti remover on the affected surface. Allow the solution to sit for 5-30 minutes. The more saturated the paint, the longer the dwell time. After, manually scrub the surface or use a pressure washer to rinse and remove the paint.

You can use acetone to remove spray paint or graffiti from the glass. Apply the solution and use a wet microfiber cleaning cloth to clean the graffiti from the glass surface.

There are many products that you can use to remove spray paint from plastic such as a paint scraper, vegetable oil, acetone nail polish remover, or denatured alcohol. These products are much better to use than paint thinners or graffiti removes because they weaken and break down the paint without damaging the plastic.

Soft washing or pressure washing can remove graffiti from brick. Make sure to adjust the water pressure and the appropriate nozzle to avoid damaging the brick surface. This is a much quicker cleaning method compared to using household products and also much gentler than using harsh graffiti removers and paint thinners.

Acetone, which you can find in nail polish removers, has been proven to be effective in removing graffiti. It is most effective on fresh graffiti. However, it is not appropriate for all types of surfaces. For instance, acetone can damage plexiglass. You may also need to use more heavy-duty removal techniques once the graffiti paint has hardened.

Power washing is basically pressure washing but with high-temperature water. The hot water can help dissolve paint much faster. Thus, it is ideal for removing graffiti in large surface areas or when time is limited. Just make sure to use the appropriate water pressure and nozzle for the surface that you are working on.

Anti-graffiti paint and coating have been revolutionary because they prevent graffiti from adhering to your exterior surfaces. Since the graffiti is unable to bond to the surface, it can be removed easily.

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How Do You Remove Graffiti From Surfaces?

There’s no single best method for removing graffiti. It will depend on several factors including the materials used to vandalize and the surface that was vandalized. Here are different ways to remove graffiti from surfaces.

Graffiti Removers
If the vandalized surface is small enough, it’s possible to use graffiti removers and scouring pads to manually clean and scrub the affected area. Graffiti removers can be used to clean unpainted metal surfaces such as light poles, as well as painted metal surfaces such as mailboxes and dumpsters. However, if the graffiti is large or in hard to reach areas, manual scrubbing will be too difficult and time-consuming.

Most graffiti removers also contain toxic chemicals that cause health issues such as headaches, fatigue, eye irritation, respiratory tract irritation, or temporary blindness. Make sure to wear proper protective gear when utilizing this graffiti removal method.

Pressure Washing
Pressure washing is one of the quickest and most effective ways to remove graffiti. Pressurized water is strong enough to penetrate surfaces and dissolve the paint. It’s ideal for removing graffiti from large surface areas. You won’t need to use chemicals that be harmful to your health. Keep in mind, though, that pressure washing is best used on durable concrete surfaces. High-pressure water can be too damaging for more delicate surfaces.

Soft Washing
Soft washing is the best alternative to pressure washing. It’s just as effective in removing graffiti from surfaces. With soft washing, low-pressure water is combined with effective, eco-friendly cleaning solutions to remove graffiti. It’s ideal for removing graffiti from brick, stucco, and other masonry surfaces.

Touchup Painting
Pressure washing is still effective for removing graffiti on wooden surfaces. However, touchup painting can be a much better way of dealing with graffiti, especially if you’re dealing with older wood. Instead of spending hours trying to remove the paint, you can simply paint over the graffiti. Just make sure that you use the exact paint color. If the new paint doesn’t match, you may end up having to repaint the entire surface.

One of the benefits of touchup painting is that you can use anti-graffiti paint or coating to prevent the surface from being tagged or marked in the future.

Benefits of Professional Graffiti Removal Services

Some commercial property owners have their employees deal with graffiti removal. It may seem like a way to reduce operational expenses but in reality, you may end up spending more. You need to purchase different cleaning products and equipment, as well as pay for overtime or additional labor.

If your employees do not have adequate experience, they may also end up doing more harm than good. For instance, improper use of a pressure washer can lead to property damage and bodily harm. Save yourself from all the hassle and potential liabilities by hiring a professional company like Maintenance Specialists Inc.

Here are the benefits of professional graffiti removal services:

Graffiti should be removed within 24 to 48 hours to avoid consequences such as loss of customers and profits. For in-house graffiti removal, you will have to wait until the weekend or when your employees have finished their initial responsibilities. Since time is of the essence, professionals can come in even on short notice. They’ll quickly and effectively remove graffiti from your commercial property.

Professionals have seen all types of graffiti on all kinds of surfaces. Thus, they will know the best methods for removing graffiti from your surfaces. Professionals know how long solutions should be applied and how much pressure is needed to effectively remove graffiti. You won’t have to worry about improper cleaning methods that would further damage your commercial property.

Professionals are equipped with professional-grade equipment such as pressure washers, as well as a wide variety of cleaning materials to ensure the proper removal of graffiti from your surfaces. If chemical solutions are needed, professionals have proprietary mixtures that are both effective and eco-friendly.

Apart from being effective and cost-effective, professional graffiti removal services can provide commercial property owners with peace of mind. The cost is well-justified considering that you won’t have to worry about anything anymore. The professionals will come in and do their job. On the other hand, you can focus on more important tasks and responsibilities.

Why Choose MSI?

Commercial property owners no longer have to worry about the devastating effects of graffiti. Maintenance Specialists Inc. will quickly come in and take care of all the unwanted graffiti found in your business. We are an established company that is trusted by many. Here’s what you can expect when you partner with MSI.

  • Years of Experience: MSI has years of experience providing maintenance services to local businesses. We have dealt with all types of graffiti so we already know the best techniques and solutions for graffiti removal.
  • Highly-Skilled Technicians: MSI is proud to have highly-skilled technicians on our team. Our technicians are qualified to perform graffiti removal services, as well as other essential maintenance services for commercial properties.
  • Strict Safety Standards: Our clients’ safety is our utmost priority. MSI technicians always wear full personal protective equipment (PPE) with respirator masks, as well as follow stringent safety protocols to safeguard the health of your employees.
  • Fully Insured and Bonded: You’re in good hands with MSI. We are a fully insured and bonded company so you won’t have to worry about potential mistakes or damage. MSI will take care of your property like it was our own.
  • Flexible Scheduling and On-Call 24/7: MSI offers flexible scheduling so that there is minimal disruption to your daily workflow. We are also on-call 24/7 so you can rely on us for quick graffiti removal and other emergency services.

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