What is Dry Rot/Wood Rot?

Wood rot often comes as an unpleasant surprise. Perhaps you’re having your roof shingles replaced and the roofer announces that the decking, rafters, and/or ridge board is rotted. Or maybe you’re preparing to paint an exterior window sill or trim board and you notice the wood under the old paint is soft. Worse is when you’re in the basement or crawlspace and notice rot in structural beams and joists!

Left untreated, with the right conditions, wood rot can spread and eventually weaken the structure of your home. Of course, a home with significant rot will also lose its resale value, so it’s imperative to take action. The fungal spores that cause wood to rot are all around us. Fortunately, they are not always active, and rot damage does not occur overnight.

Dry rot is most likely to occur wherever there is wood and moisture. It’s most commonly found in bathrooms and kitchens, particularly in the floors, walls, and countertops. Outside, it even more common. With a full inspection, MSI finds and eliminates rot wherever it may be. We check deck boards, framing, and rails, siding, window sills and doors, gutters, flashing and eaves, crawl spaces, attics, and more.

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We Repair Dry Rot and Wood Rot

When it comes to the repair of dry rot, homeowners know to trust MSI. Whereas many contractors won’t even deal with dry rot issues, we’ve made it one of our specialties! With vast experience in dealing with the toughest of rot problems, we’ve become extremely effective in locating and remediating the source of rot (often not an easy task) so the problem isn’t likely to reoccur, then making appropriate and thorough repairs to the affected areas. Wood rot is a serious threat to the health of your home, and we are equally serious about fixing the problem. Another benefit of using MSI is that, as a full-service home repair contractor, we are able to repair, improve, or reconstruct any other areas of the home that may be tied to your rot issues, as well. Whether you need siding, roofing, painting, or whatever it may be, no need to call another contractor–we can do it all! Contact us for a free quote or call (704) 405-6000