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Rotted wood is not only hard on the eyes, but it can also cause major problems in your home or commercial property. Contact Maintenance Specialists Inc. today for the best dry rot repair services in the Charlotte area.

Differentiating Between Dry Rot and Wet Rot

Before understanding wood repair and its importance, it is first necessary to know the difference between dry rot and wet rot. Both are types of wood decay, but wet rot requires a higher moisture content in order to grow. Wet rot is caused by a variety of fungi that thrives on timber with moisture levels of 50%. It can also affect plaster, wallpaper, and even carpets.

Dry rot, on the other hand, is a more specific type of wood decay. It is brought on by the fungus Serpula lacrymans, which likes to digest wood. Dry rot is a more serious wood decay issue than wet rot because it requires a lower moisture level in order to thrive — at about 20% or 30% and higher.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dry rot is a form of wood decay caused by Serpula lacrymans. This fungus digests and destroys timber. It thrives on 20% or higher moisture content in the wood. It is considered to be the most serious type of rotted wood.

First, remove as much of the infected wood as possible. Then, reinforce the area by injecting an epoxy consolidant through holes drilled into the wood. Lastly, apply a wood-patching product and form it into your desired shape.

To repair wood rot, it is first necessary to remove the rotted part of the wood. Get rid of as much as you can. Following that, apply a wood hardener or epoxy consolidant to fortify the wood. Finally, use a wood-patching product on the area and let it cure before shaping it into the form of choice.

It depends on the company you hire and the extent of the rotted wood. Small areas that are easy to reach will usually cost somewhere between $100 to $300. Siding dry rot repair can cost $1,000 to $2,500. For dry rot in structural beams or joists, the price tends to be more expensive, at $4,000 to $12,000.

It is possible to fix rotten wood without replacing it, provided it is not too serious and has not infected structurally significant areas. To start, remove the infected parts of the wood before injecting an epoxy consolidant for reinforcement. Then, use a wood-patching product and allow it to cure before shaping it into the form you like.

When left untreated, dry rot can spread quickly in your property, affecting all the parts made of wood. This is not only unattractive but can also lead to structural damage.

When dry rot is encountered, it is best to remove the affected area to reduce the risk of spreading or reoccurrence.

Yes, dry rot spreads very quickly if the moisture levels are conducive to its growth (about 20% or more).

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Is Dry Rot and Wood Rot Repair Necessary?

It is easy to look at rotted wood and brush it off as a minor issue, especially when you can hardly even notice it. But, wood rot repair is an essential part of residential or commercial property maintenance. Neglecting to address rotted wood will only lead to more problems down the road.

Structural Integrity
A house or building is only as strong as the foundation it is built on. If a part of your foundation is made of wood, dry rot can quickly eat it up and lead to damage. It can also get into basements and crawl spaces, affecting structural beams and joists in the process. When that happens, the structural integrity of your property becomes compromised.

Whether you are a residential or commercial property owner, you want to keep the people inside your building safe. You cannot guarantee that if you allow dry rot to persist. To counteract this issue, you need structural wood rot repair administered by experts.

Prevent Spreading
Whereas wet rot tends to stay in one place (where the moisture is contained), dry rot can quickly spread from one area to another due to its lower moisture requirement. This precise ability to proliferate is what makes it such a dangerous and difficult problem to deal with. Therefore, no property owner can possibly afford to disregard dry rot and all the possible issues it brings.

It is recommended to include wood rot inspections as part of your regular property maintenance. This way, you can immediately spot this kind of problem and call a rot wood repair company before the fungi spread.

Maintain Property Value
It goes without saying that rotted wood can affect the overall appearance of any property. Dry rot tends to be present in areas with wood and a lot of moisture, so bathrooms and kitchens are likely targets. It is even more common in outdoor areas with wood decks, framing, siding, and the like. If present in your property, it can quickly cause deterioration and lower your property’s value.

The Process of Dry Rot Repair

Repairing dry rot is no easy feat, but it is possible. Although procedures can differ wildly depending on the company, wood rot treatment usually follows these steps:

It is important to first determine whether or not the rotted wood is still repairable. If the problem is too serious, it may call for a replacement instead of a dry rot wood repair. Here at MSI, we make sure to conduct a full inspection of the wood beforehand. This will allow us to make the proper recommendations without sacrificing quality or inflating costs.

To repair dry rot, it is recommended to remove as much of the infected wood as possible. This is typically done with the help of a wire brush and a wood chisel.

Some infected parts may not be possible to remove. For that, it is best to drill holes into the wood and then inject an epoxy consolidant. This will let the infected and uninfected wood bond together. Allow the solution to dry.

The final step is to apply a wood-patching product to the rotted wood. Let the product cure before molding it into the shape needed. Use sandpaper and a chisel for this step.

For wood replacement, the first step is to remove the infected wood and an additional 3 ft of the surrounding wood. This will make certain that no fungus remains in the wood. It may also be necessary to get rid of the plaster, paneling, ceilings, skirtings, and linings. Clean off the area thoroughly, including metal surfaces, before applying a fungicide. It is then recommended to replace it with pressure-treated wood and finish off with replastering and painting.

For All Your Dry Rot and Wood Rot Repair Needs

Maintenance Specialists Inc. offers wood rot and dry rot repair services in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding area. Our specialists are trained to handle even the toughest of dry rot problems. We know how to effectively locate and remediate the source of the dry rot, minimizing the chance of reoccurrence.

We offer comprehensive services that no other company can parallel. In addition to repairing dry rot, we can also reconstruct the damages tied to the rot. Our other services include drywall repair, building maintenance, commercial pressure washing, gutter cleaning and repair, and many more. We can create a service package that suits any kind of budget.

MSI is a fully licensed and insured general contractor in the state of North Carolina. We make sure to complete a Job Hazard Analysis form before every job, as safety is our top priority. With years of experience, we are the best choice for your property maintenance needs.

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