Floor waxing is an essential component of maintaining a commercial property. Maintenance Specialists Inc. provides floor waxing services in Charlotte, NC. We will keep your floors clean and shiny to improve the overall appearance of your business.

Importance of Floor Waxing

A commercial property sees a lot of foot traffic. With people constantly coming and going, your floors can get pretty dirty by the end of the day. Dirty floors can be quite an eyesore as well. If you want to create a clean and attractive environment for your employees and customers, consider adding floor waxing to your maintenance plan. Here are the main benefits of floor waxing.

Enhanced Aesthetics
Waxed floors can enhance the overall appearance of your commercial property. Clean and shiny floors can make your business look more professional and reputable. Thus, customers will be encouraged to enter your commercial property and do business with you. Waxed floors also help create a brighter and more productive work environment for employees.

Longer Lifespan
Wax serves as a protective layer for your floors. It will protect against nicks, scratches, dings, and scuff marks. Wax also prevents the absorption of liquids so floors are less likely to get stained. Because of these protective elements, you can retain the original finish of your floors for much longer. Waxing is cost-effective because your floors will have a longer lifespan compared to unwaxed floors.

Increased Safety
Floors with nicks and scratches are not only unattractive, but they can also create safety hazards. Unwaxed floors are also more slippery, which can result in more slips and falls. Floor waxing can help reduce accidents and injuries in your commercial property. By adding floor waxing and maintenance, you can avoid costly medical expenses, litigation, and other liabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions About Floor Waxing

Floor waxing prices will depend on several factors including the type of floor material and the size of the area. It will also depend on the labor costs in your area. On average, though, floor stripping and waxing costs about $1.80 per square feet.

Commercial properties should have floor striping and waxing at least once a year. However, for high-traffic areas, floors should be stripped and waxed at least biannually or every 6 months.

Floor wax is a liquid mixture that contains chemicals and other ingredients. When the liquid hardens, it creates a thin but hard layer on top of your floors. It is hard enough to prevent dings and scratches, as well as provide slip resistance.

Traditional floor wax may contain harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, cresol, and nitrobenzene. Exposure to these chemicals can lead to serious health issues such as cancer and kidney damage. If you want to avoid these health risks, consider using an eco-friendly floor wax.

Though they produce similar results, floor polish and floor wax are not the same thing. Floor wax uses a natural ingredient called carnauba wax. Meanwhile, floor polish is made from synthetic ingredients such as acrylic polymers, alkali-soluble resin, surfactants, and wax emulsion.

The dry time will depend on many factors including the temperature and humidity levels. However, floor wax can dry in about 10-30 minutes. If you want the floor wax to last longer, allow for a cure time of 8 up to 72 hours.

Concrete floor waxing follows the standard process: stripping, sealing, waxing, and buffing. However, the equipment and products used must be designed specifically for concrete surfaces.

You can create a homemade floor stripping solution using white vinegar, ammonia, detergent, and warm water. Vinegar, in particular,  is effective in stripping floor wax. However, it may not be as potent or work as quickly as commercial products.

Waxing vinyl floors is not essential or recommended, especially if you have newer vinyl floors. Instead of floor wax, use a vinyl floor polish to bring out the shine.

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How to Strip and Wax Floors

Floor waxing is more than just applying wax to your floors. There are numerous steps that must take place before and after to ensure that your floors are properly waxed. If you are working with a floor waxing company like Maintenance Specialists Inc., here is the overall process that you can expect.

Inspection and Preparation
Before anything else, make sure to inspect your floors. The condition of your floors will determine which steps you should take next. For instance, if the floors were previously treated, you will need to strip them before waxing. The type of wax to be used will also depend on the type of floor material. Thus, the initial inspection can make you better prepared for the next steps.

This first step also entails a proper sweeping and cleaning of floors. Remove all the furniture and objects inside the room to prepare for the next step.

Floor Stripping
Floor stripping is necessary to remove all the dirt, dust, debris, stains, and oils that have accumulated on the surface, as well as the old wax or finish. This step will remove all the imperfections on the floor and prep it for a fresh new layer of wax.

  • Floor Stripping Chemicals: There are many types of floor stripping chemicals so it’s important to choose one that is designed for the surface you are working with. There are floor strippers for wood, concrete, vinyl, linoleum, marmoleum, and so on.
  • Dangers of Floor Strippers: Floor strippers typically have a pH level between 10 to 14. Thus, exposure and contact with floor strippers can lead to serious chemical burns and even internal damage. Floor strippers also contain volatile organic compounds, which is toxic and harmful to the environment.
  • Alternatives to Floor Strippers: If you want to avoid the dangers of floor strippers, there are some alternatives that you can use. Orbital scrubbers can strip floors without the use of chemicals. There are also green floor stippers that are safe for the environment.

For leftover wax on the edges, use a putty knife or razor blade to scrape the wax off the floor. Use a clean mop and water to remove the stripper and wax from the surface. Allow to dry before proceeding to the next step.

Apply Sealant
Not all floors will require a sealant. However, it is essential if your floors are older and made of porous materials such as brick, sandstone, and other natural stone materials. The sealant will prevent the wax from leaking or seeping into the surface of your floors. The sealant will also help insulate your floors. Make sure to apply two coats of sealant so that it will last longer. A single coat will wear down at a much faster rate.

Wax the Floors
Now is the time when you can finally wax your floors. Similar to floor strippers, the wax should be designed for the material of your floors. There are two main types: solid paste and liquid.

  • Liquid Floor Wax: This type of wax is a clear liquid that’s easy to apply. It is also quick-drying but still gives your floors a long-lasting shine. It can be used on wood, linoleum, and cork surfaces.
  • Solid Paste Wax: This type of wax takes longer to apply. However, it will stay on floors much longer than liquid floor wax. It can also smoothen uneven floor surfaces. Solid paste wax is ideal for hardwood floors because it produces a deeper and richer shine.
  • Eco-Friendly Wax: Floor wax contains synthetic materials and chemicals so they can be harmful to the environment. If you want an eco-friendly solution, there are floor waxes made of natural ingredients such as beeswax, carnauba wax, linseed oil, and lavender oil.
  • Water-Based Silicone Polish: Floor wax should not be used on “no-wax floors” such as those with a polyurethane finish. Apply a water-based silicone polish instead of waxing.

Apply the floor wax using a mop. Use a wringer to remove excess wax so that you can apply a thin coat. You don’t want the layer to be too thick as this will create an unattractive buildup. Start from the innermost portion of the room and work your way towards the door. Allow the floor wax to dry completely before applying another layer. Floors typically receive 2 to 5 layers of wax.

Buff the Floors
After the wax has dried, you can start buffing the floors. This is an important step because the buffing is what will make your floors look clean, shiny, and presentable. It also prolongs the life of the floor wax. Buffing should be done at least once a week as part of your floor maintenance.

Why Choose MSI For Commercial Floor Waxing Services?

Floor waxing is a very time-consuming process. There are also a lot of different products and equipment needed as you go through the different steps of the floor waxing process. This will be too strenuous for commercial property owners or their employees to handle on their own.

For the best results and your convenience, it’s better to call on professional floor stripping and waxing services. Here are the benefits when you choose MSI.

  • Experience and Expertise: MSI is a maintenance company with years of experience. Our clients have come to trust us for high-quality services at competitive prices.
  • Highly Skilled Technicians: We are proud to have highly skilled technicians on our team. MSI technicians know the best techniques and strategies for floor stripping, waxing, and buffing.
  • Professional-Grade Equipment: MSI has an array of professional-grade equipment needed that allow us to perform floor waxing services quickly and effectively. We also have proprietary mixtures that will bring out the brightest shine in your floors.
  • Complete Floor Maintenance: MSI is a one-stop-shop for all your maintenance needs. No need to call anyone else as aside from floor waxing services, we also offer floor cleaning, pressure washing, building maintenance, touchup painting, and more.
  • Strict Safety Standards: Your safety is our number one priority. That’s why MSI technicians always wear full personal protective equipment (PPE) and follow stringent safety protocols during every job.
  • Insured and Bonded: MSI is a fully insured and bonded company. You can have peace of mind knowing that your commercial property is in very capable hands. No need to worry about potential mistakes or damages.
  • Flexible Scheduling and On-Call 24/7: MSI offers flexible scheduling so that there is minimal work disruption. We can also perform emergency services anytime, anyday.

For professional floor waxing services in Charlotte, NC, do not hesitate to contact Maintenance Specialists Inc. today! Call us at  (704) 405-6000 to receive a free quote or to learn more about our services.

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