Commercial Property Gutter Cleaning and Repair

Business owners must be wary of the hidden dangers to their commercial property. One in particular is water damage brought on by faulty gutters. On shorter buildings, gutters are more vulnerable to debris which in turn can clog the waterway. This will redirect the water and could potentially cause harm to your commercial property. It can affect drywall, roofing, and damage materials stored inside the building. Maintenance Specialists Inc. provides services to both clean messy gutters and repair the damaged ones preventing future issue. Our team will clean your property’s gutter system thoroughly so you can focus on your company’s operations. Dirty gutters can also reflect a negative image of your company. A professional looking building helps attract more customers, which is why we provide several commercial cleaning services as well. Your property will be spotless in no time when you work us MSI.

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Severe Weather Prevention and Cleanup in Charlotte

Your property’s gutters help prevent a buildup of water during a storm. If the gutters are damaged or blocked the result can be detrimental. Along with gutter repairs, we offer services that will help prevent severe weather damage to your property’s windows and interior. Our emergency board-up process will protect your building from loose debris thrown around during a storm. After severe weather occurs, the loose debris can end up around your property which is why we offer post-storm cleanup as well. MSI is here to ensure your building is ready for anything and then bring it back to pristine condition.  

Commercial Property Maintenance and Cleaning Services

MSI wants to keep your commercial property clean and safe for your clients and employees. We provide expert maintenance and cleaning services to commercial properties throughout the Charlotte area and beyond. We offer a variety of services to fit ny job that you may have, whether it be graffiti removal or your typical handyman. Contact us for a free quote or call (704) 405-6000.