8 Reasons Why Commercial Roof Cleaning Is A Must

commercial roof cleaning

For most commercial property owners, commercial roof cleaning might be the last thing on their minds. After all, customers will not be able to see the top of roofs all that often. However, it’s a vital part of property maintenance, as doing so can preserve the building’s lifespan.


Commercial Roof Cleaning: Why Is It Important?

Roof cleaning for commercial building structures is vital for several reasons. It maintains the longevity of your building’s roof and even preserves the property’s overall structural integrity. The roof is the first line of defense against the elements like snow, sleet, hail, rain, wind, and even extreme heat. It is, therefore, exposed to many stressors that can cause damage over time.

Routine commercial roof cleaning is crucial for a well-maintained and functioning commercial roof. Here are some of the top reasons why you should clean commercial roof structures regularly.


1. Enhances Performance

A clean roof is an efficient roof. What does that mean? A roof does more than just cover the top of your building. It also ensures the inside is properly insulated to reduce energy consumption. After all, energy bills tend to skyrocket if the interior building itself doesn’t have proper insulation. HVAC systems must work longer and harder to keep the inside cool or warm throughout the seasons.

A clean roof is essential to maintain a low surface temperature. This lowers energy consumption and more effectively reflects heat away from the structure — reducing the need for cooling. Moreover, the lower surface temperature will help prolong the roof’s lifespan. In short, cleaning your roof regularly will help you save money on electricity bills and roof repairs.


2. Protects Employee Health

professional roof cleaning servicesRoofs are exposed to snow, rain, sleet, and other things that invite moisture. As a result, they are prone to mold and algae, which can be dangerous to the health of your employees. The building’s HVAC systems can draw them in and adversely affect the air quality of the building. If the building often receives customers, it can also jeopardize their health. That’s a lawsuit waiting to happen.

This is why we recommend regular professional roof cleaning. Algae can have a firm grip on roofs, so once they form, they will be tough to get rid of. However, professional commercial roof cleaning services can often easily remove both algae and mold. They can also help prevent future growth.


3. Compliance With Building Codes

If the business is food-related in any way, the commercial property must comply with certain building codes and standards. Routine commercial roof cleaning can ensure that the building always remains compliant, preventing property and business owners from liability.


4. Makes Succeeding Cleanings Easier

Once a roof has collected a lot of algae, mold, grime, dirt, residue, and pollution, it can be difficult to remove. These substances can be stubborn and may require heavy-duty chemicals and equipment. However, property owners who regularly clean their roofs will find it much easier to clean gunk and dirt off the roof. Professional sealing also makes it harder for the filth to accumulate and makes the roof much easier to clean.


5. Aesthetic Appeal

Nobody likes looking at dirty buildings. If making a good first impression on customers is important, then commercial roof cleaning should be a part of your routine maintenance. It shows your clients that you care about them. Moreover, a dirty roof can hamper your business’ reputation.


6. Reduces Fire Hazards

Fire can be devastating not only for the commercial property but also for the lives of those inside the building. Cleaning the roof regularly can help eliminate potential sources of fuel. This is especially important for buildings that house or manufacture combustible materials.


7. Eradicates Moisture

Water may seem harmless compared to fire, but it is equally damaging to commercial roofs and buildings over time. When moisture seeps in, it can enter the building’s porous walls and internal structures. This can compromise the building’s structural integrity in the long term. It can also lead to leaks, rust, and mold growth in other places within the interior.

Professional roof cleaning services will keep the roof free from fallen leaves, debris, and other materials that might hold moisture. Doing so can prevent the roof from splitting, blistering, ponding, and rusting. Make sure to do this regularly to avoid moisture from building up.


8. Exposes Damages Before They Get Worse

roof cleaning for commercial buildingRoofs are exposed to the elements and can become damaged over time. Even the most well-maintained roofs will sustain damage. Industrial roof cleaning is a great way to expose minor and major damages so you can address them immediately. The cleaners can look for problems such as hail damage and barely visible punctures.

In addition, cleaning the roofs regularly can help prevent these damages from worsening. After all, small punctures can get bigger and turn into large holes in the roof due to moisture and rust. You might need to replace roof parts to keep it up to code. Keeping the humidity at bay by cleaning and treating the roof will minimize the effect of these damages.


How to Clean a Commercial Roof

Commercial roof washing and cleaning is crucial for every property. However, knowing the importance of commercial roof cleaning is only part of the battle. The most important part is learning how to clean the roof itself. How can you clean a commercial roof? Depending on the material and contamination, there are three main methods:

  • Soft-Washing. This method uses low-pressure washing techniques with special commercial roof cleaning chemicals to eliminate roof contaminants. It is a gentler method that does not damage the roof.
  • Chemical Washing. Also called the “no-pressure” wash, this method uses certain chemicals to kill mold, moss, and algae that can be gently rinsed away.
  • Pressure Washing. This method uses pressure washing techniques to quickly and efficiently clean roofs. However, it is unsuitable for all roof types as it can damage certain materials.

Property owners can attempt these themselves when they’re tight on budget. However, hiring a professional to do these for you is usually best. Professional cleaners know what types of chemicals to use and which techniques are most effective for your roof. They are also skilled at what they do, so they’re less likely to damage your roof while cleaning it.


Hire a Professional Cleaner Today

Commercial roof cleaning is essential to commercial property maintenance. Regular cleaning can not only protect your health and safety but also enhance energy efficiency. It preserves the building’s structural integrity, leading to major cost savings in the long run. Make sure to allocate a budget for it.

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