Which U.S. State Has The Worst Bug Problem?

What U.S. state has the worst bug problem? While every state will deal with its fair share of insects, not all states share the same burden. Some are more problematic than others. Moreover, some bugs may be more troublesome in certain states. Commercial property owners can use this information to eliminate pests more effectively.


Which State Has the Worst Bug Problem?

Every state may have a bug problem, but some states have it worse than others. What U.S. state has the worst bug problem out of them all? Here are the top seven states that deal with the most bugs, according to monthly pest-related search data.


1. California

Californians have logged roughly 47,000 searches involving pest control. Bed bugs account for 17,000 searches, while termites and ants trail behind with 10,000 and 8,000 queries.


2. Texas

Texans are second on the list and have approximately 42,000 searches. Bed bugs are also the most concerning, with 15,000 queries. Termites and ants come at 9,000 and 6,000 searches, respectively.


termites in homeowners association3. Florida

People in Florida have 33,000 pest-related searches monthly. Unlike the others, termites are the most concerning, with over 12,000 queries. Bed bugs follow behind at 8,000 searches. Meanwhile, ants have roughly 4,000.


4. New York

Searches in New York have reached 23,000 monthly. Bed bugs are king, coming in at 8,000 searches. Ants are in second place with 4,700 searches. Lastly, termites account for 3,000 searches.


5. Pennsylvania

The Keystone State has over 16,000 searches each month. Bed bugs are also in the top spot with 5,600 searches. Meanwhile, ants come in surprisingly close at 4,300 queries. Termites are in third place with 2,500 searches.


6. Illinois

There are about 15,000 queries in Illinois each month. Bed bugs are predominant and have roughly 7,000 searches. Meanwhile, ants take up 3,600 queries from the state. Termites come in third with approximately 1,600 searches.


bed bug bites7. Georgia

The state of Georgia sees around 14,000 searches every month for pest issues. Bed bugs are the most problematic and generate 6,200 searches. They’re followed by termites, which generate around 2,500 searches. Ants come in third at 2,100 queries.


The Most Bothersome Insects by State

Which states do each insect bother the most? According to the same search data, here are the states that each bug appears to infest the most.


Bed Bugs

It’s no surprise that bed bugs cause a lot of sleepless nights. But, it seems the states most bothered by them are California and Texas. They have 17,000 and 16,000 monthly searches, respectively. Bed bugs are prolific because they travel great distances. Anyone can pick them up from anywhere, whether at home, at a friend’s house, in transit, or a hotel.



These pesky critters are the most concerning in Florida, California, and Texas. Often, the climate is what determines termite infestation. Florida is humid, and Texas has a diverse environment that fosters a breeding ground for termites. Meanwhile, California has many wooden structures that attract them.



These bloodsuckers are increasingly becoming a problem. They seem most prevalent in Florida, Texas, and California. Florida has a balmy climate and lots of standing water in the Chain O’Lakes and Everglades. These are perfect environments for mosquitoes to breed.



These parasites are most prevalent in Texas, California, and New York. Texas has a warm climate with lots of large outdoor areas. Meanwhile, California has a varied ecosystem that is conducive to ticks. On the other hand, New York has many rural areas that could contribute to the high search count. Many residents within these states search for solutions and prevention measures for Lyme disease and other tick-borne conditions.



These arachnids come in all kinds of species. They’re particularly prevalent in California, Texas, and Florida. This is likely due to the climates of these states, as they are moist, warm, and humid. They also have varied habitats with lots of outdoor living.



This seemingly ever-present pest is primarily found in urban dwellings. California, Texas, and New York see the highest search volume for cockroach control. Texas and California are warm and humid, with many large urban centers, making them great for roaches. Meanwhile, New York has a very dense population with compact living places that attract more cockroaches.



These hard-working insects are significant issues in California, Texas, and New York. California has a diverse climate that fosters an equally diverse range of ant species. Meanwhile, Texas’ main problem is the fire ant as residents look for ways to protect their gardens and homes. Lastly, New York has their dense urban centers to thank for the ant infestation.



California, Texas, and Washington residents are the most concerned about wasps. These deadly insects account for 72 deaths a year, along with their cousins, bees and hornets. California has mild weather and an outdoor-focused lifestyle. This makes wasps more problematic for the state’s citizens.

Meanwhile, Texas has mixed urban and countryside areas with warm climates, making wasps a year-round problem. Washington has diverse climates that make it subject to periodic wasp problems. They’re most concerning during warm months.


Which Pest Do Americans Most Want to Get Rid Of?

Given the volume of searches, it’s unsurprising that most Americans unanimously want to get rid of bed bugs. Americans conduct about 154,240 searches on them monthly.

After bed bugs, ants and termites are the second and third most bothersome insects. They garner an overwhelming number of searches monthly. Ants relentlessly invade households and eat the food they find. Meanwhile, termites are dangerous and can compromise a home’s or building’s integrity.


What Should Commercial Property Owners Do?

Now that you know which state has the worst bug problem, acting on the information is essential. For commercial property owners, this means doubling down on pest control efforts.

If your property is in a state where bed bugs are the biggest problem, consider hiring an exterminator experienced in tracking and killing bed bugs. Meanwhile, if the state has a significant termite problem, inspecting the property for termites may be wise.

Regardless of the pest, property owners should stay vigilant to ensure their property is in the best condition. Ensure it’s safe for humans and complies with all building ordinances. If you’re unsure what to do, here are some steps to control pests in your commercial property.


pest control company1. Hire an Experienced Professional

While the property’s location may indicate which bugs are a problem, hiring a professional to inspect the property for any other pests is still essential. They might be able to uncover an infestation you didn’t expect.

Moreover, these professionals can help you create a pest management plan to keep things under control. They can also assist in extermination.


2. Declutter the Property

It may seem obvious, but decluttering is a big part of preventive maintenance concerning pest control. Bugs often like to hide and breed in places untouched by human hands. If the property has a lot of unused items, consider decluttering and throwing them out. Ensure that the property’s rooms and other areas only have the necessary items.


3. Store Items Properly

Ensure you store all the necessary items in proper storage, like cabinets, drawers, and shelves. Leaving them out in the open is dangerous, allowing pests to hide and breed. Moreover, remember to use proper storage practices when storing items. Use airtight bags and containers to store garments and food. Leave space between the wall and shelving units to easily spot infestations.


4. Clean Regularly

Property owners should always keep cleanliness a priority. If you often clean every room and surface, pests won’t have a chance to hide or breed in nooks and crevices. Furthermore, remember to employ hygienic practices for all the staff. Employees and other personnel should have a dedicated break room to eat. That way, they won’t bring food into offices or business spaces.

In addition, remember to set up trash cans everywhere and empty them daily. This can keep them from attracting insects and other pests. It’s also essential to keep business premises completely dry. Not only will wet and moist areas lead to water damage, but they can also lead to infestations. Lastly, close all taps tightly and open the windows for better circulation and drying.


Hire a Professional

Now that you know which state has the worst bug problem, using this information to your advantage is vital. As a property owner, always employ good practices to keep pests at bay. Hiring professional inspectors and exterminators to handle any existing issues is also a good idea. This can keep your property in tip-top shape and protect your investments.

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