Graffiti and Vandalism Removal Services

Graffiti can be detrimental to a commercial property and surrounding areas. There is a negative reaction to companies with graffiti outside of their building. It can be seen as unprofessional or unkempt which deters customers. Overlooking graffiti is a common problem for business owners focused on their day to day operations. This can lead to the attraction of other graffiti due to the lack of action taken against the original “tag”. The longer graffiti stays on a surface the more difficult it is to remove. The composition of the surface also plays a factor in its removal. For example, if graffiti is left unheeded on a brick building for a long period of time it will be very difficult to remove without the right tools. Buildings with exteriors that are more porous like brick or stone veneer require more attention while other surfaces like metal or plastic have an easier time removing vandalism. We are here to help you remove even the toughest graffiti tags from your establishment.

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Removal, Maintenance, and Prevention

Maintenance Specialists Inc. wants to help you keep your building beautiful and in perfect condition. We understand that graffiti can be irritating to see on your property and even more annoying to try to remove. Our graffiti removal process consists of the removal of the vandalism, maintenance of the affected area, and prevention of future incidences. We provide a variety of services to remove pesky graffiti and other vandalism from your commercial property; including a collection of tools and techniques like sand blasting or chemical scrubbing. Pressure washing is another service we offer to not only remove vandalism but to improve the look of concrete and other hard to clean surfaces. Depending on the severity of the vandalism and rigorous cleaning process there may need to be some repairs. When this happens we provide maintenance to the building’s exterior to quickly get your property back to its original state. Lastly we add sealant to possible points of vandalism to avoid future damages. These sealants will protect the surface and significantly reduce the cost of removing graffiti.

Commercial Property Graffiti Removal Services

Maintenance Specialists Inc. is dedicated to making your commercial property spotless whether it be vandalism removal or general cleaning. We are the leading maintenance and repair specialists in the Carolinas. No matter what maintenance issue you may have, MSI is here to help. Contact us today for a free quote or call (704) 405-6000