Commercial Property Touch Up Painting

Older buildings with painted exteriors are exposed to factors that cause the original coat to fade or be removed altogether. Factors including weather, sunlight, and human contact eventually lead to these properties needing a quick touch up. Maintenance Specialists Inc. offers commercial property touch up painting services to keep your building looking pristine. We will fix your building’s weathered paint job after a severe storm. MSI will also remove graffiti, apply another coat of paint, and then add a sealant to significantly decrease the cost/effort of removing future vandalism. Similar to your property’s exterior, the interior paint is affected by its environment. Little accidents happen all the time; scuff marks, chips, and scratches require attention as well. Our touch up painting services will fix any issue your commercial property has whether it is a large exterior coat, or a small interior cover up.  

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Stain and Vandalism Removal in Charlotte

Along with touch up painting, MSI offers cleaning and removal services as well. We will remove any unpleasant marks that affect your company’s image. Using a variety of methods, we clean your commercial property until it is spotless. For the more difficult stains we use a pressure washing process and for those smaller stains we offer standard commercial cleaning services. We help you improve your building’s appeal by thoroughly cleaning it inside and out.

Commercial Property Maintenance and Cleaning Services

Your company’s building leaves a lasting impression. A filthy property deters customers; Maintenance Specialists Inc. is here to help, providing clients with expert maintenance and cleaning services. We serve commercial properties throughout the Charlotte area and beyond. MSI strives to improve the quality, functionality, and image of your commercial facility. Contact us for a free quote or call (704) 405-6000.