How Helpful Is Commercial Floor Waxing To A High-Traffic Establishment?

commercial floor waxing

Commercial establishments need constant care and maintenance both inside and out. If you own a commercial property, one of the things you might overlook is your flooring. This is where commercial floor waxing comes in.


The Benefits of Commercial Floor Waxing

People often have this mindset that, as long as something is not broken, then it does not require your attention. But, this is far from good practice. As a commercial property owner, you must understand that regular maintenance plays a huge role in the long-term health of your business. This is especially true when it comes to your floors.

Your floors see a lot of traffic every day. And, the customers that enter your establishment can bring all sorts of pollutants with them. From thick mud to your run-of-the-mill dirt, the things that your customers’ feet drag into your commercial property can damage your floors.

If you still remain unconvinced, then take a look at the benefits of floor waxing commercial floors below.


1. Helps Promote Safety

Safety should be a top priority for commercial property owners, especially since it is a big liability issue. Over time, as your business grows and more customers pour in, your floors can become worn down and damaged.

Cracked, dented, and slippery floors can seriously cause injury to both your customers and employees. Although vacuuming and mopping are good for surface-level cleaning, it takes more than that to keep floors safe.

Your floors demand continuous maintenance to prevent damages. And while your in-house cleaning personnel can play a part in that, professionals have more knowledge and experience when it comes to floor care. Therefore, it is best to hire commercial floor waxing services.


2. Leaves a Good Impression

Your floors are one of the first things customers see when they walk into your establishment. Sparkling clean floors give off an inviting vibe, whereas dirty floors might scare clients away. When you have poorly maintained floors, it sends the wrong message to your customers about your business. If a business pays no attention to cleanliness, then what does that say about their professionalism and customer care?

Similarly, people tend to feel less motivated when they work in a dirty environment. Your employees might feel uncomfortable working in a place where the floors are constantly dirty. The solution? Clean and wax office floors regularly.


3. Prolongs Useful Life

Your commercial property is an investment, so you naturally want to make it last as long as possible. Waxing your floors is one way to extend its useful life. In the long run, this will protect your investment and cause you to save more money on repairs.

Sure, waxing takes time, and it takes even longer if you need to strip your floors first. The process might interfere with business, but it is definitely worth it. After all, you can schedule it on days when you are closed or in between working hours.


The Process of Commercial Floor Stripping and Waxing

commercial floor strippingStripping and waxing your commercial floor usually involves five steps: Stripping, sealing, waxing, finishing, and buffing. Let’s take a closer look at each of these steps below.


1. Stripping

What is floor stripping? To put it plainly, it is a process of applying a chemical to your floor to strip away any previous wax and finish coats. This gives you a bare surface to work with.

Some commercial establishments choose to skip this step entirely. But, stripping helps achieve a more level finish, so it is a recommended part of the waxing process. Of all the steps, though, stripping takes the longest to complete. It is also the most taxing job, but the results are definitely worth the time and effort.

Make sure to wear gloves and a mask when applying a stripping agent. Additionally, there should be proper ventilation in the room so that you don’t inhale the fumes.


2. Sealing

After stripping the floor, the next step is to apply a sealer. Sealers function as a layer of protection between the wax and your bare floors. Even if you have particularly old and porous floors, you should still apply two coats of a good sealer to prevent wax from leaking.


3. Waxing

Now comes the part you have been waiting so patiently for — waxing. Make sure you have a clean surface to work with or else the wax will make your floors too slippery.

There are a number of different floor waxes you can use. The cheapest and fastest way is to use paste wax, but this does not give you the same shine. Additionally, paste wax will require more frequent touch-ups to maintain the look of your floors. For the best results, use a floor wax applicator to evenly apply about four to five coats.

This is where a commercial floor waxing service can help you. Professionals know exactly what type of wax to use depending on the condition and material of your floors. Moreover, they have access to all kinds of high-quality floor waxes as well as a floor waxing machine for faster application.


4. Applying the Finish

The finish serves as a barrier between the wax and the elements. It protects the wax, limits scratches, and helps prevent dirt build-up. There are also different kinds of finishes you can apply depending on the final look you want to achieve. Some finishes offer glossy results, while others offer matte results. There is also an in-between option to get a semi-glossy appearance.


5. Buffing

The fifth and final step is buffing your floors. It might not seem like an important step, but buffing actually helps give your floors that shiny sheen and cleans any dust off at the same time. It is imperative to buff your floors every now and then to maintain the appearance of your floors. Do it weekly if you can, but monthly also works.


How Often to Perform Floor Waxing on Commercial Property

commercial floor waxing servicesFor high-traffic commercial establishments, it is ideal to schedule floor stripping and waxing every month.

But, for a lot of owners, a monthly schedule may not be possible due to time and budget constraints. After all, such services do not come cheap. In that case, you can delegate the buffing job to in-house personnel. Then, leave the stripping and waxing job to a commercial cleaning company every 5 to 6 months.


The Best Commercial Floor Services

Clearly, commercial floor waxing is a crucial maintenance item for all businesses and offices. Floor stripping and waxing may be expensive and time-consuming, but the benefits certainly make up for it. To ensure excellent results, make sure to outsource the task to the professionals.

Maintenance Specialists Inc. provides commercial floor waxing and stripping services to properties in the Charlotte, NC area. Call us today at 704.405.6000 or contact us online for more information.



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