7 Tips On Which Cleaning Services Your New Commercial Property Needs

When you purchase a new commercial property, there are many services that will need to be completed. The services required will depend on the condition of the property. Make sure to consider carefully how you can get your new commercial space looking its absolute best. When considering new commercial property cleaning services, it is wise to review the information below:


New Commercial Property Cleaning Services to Perform

When you are finalizing your decision to buy a commercial property, you should consider what additional expenses are needed to improve your commercial property. After all, it needs to operate, serve clients, and make you additional revenue. Inspect your new investment to get a good handle on what improvements it needs. This way, you can plan for the right new commercial property cleaning services.

Here are just some of the services you should take into account:


1. Waste Removal

Many commercial properties are already clean at purchase. However, several are not. This is particularly true if you are investing in a commercial property located in a challenging neighborhood. Depending on whether the commercial property was previously operational, there may still be waste within the premise or individuals that had been living there illegally.

In either case, it is wise to consider what waste, if any, you will need to remove. If there are tears to the interior walls or flooring, those will need to be repaired. You will also need to remove any excess debris on the floor. It is wise to receive a quote from a company that specializes in waste removal. This way, you can set the right expectations on how much it will cost you.


2. Deep Cleaning

Cleaning Services For New Commercial PropertyOnce a commercial property is operational, it is common to have regular surface cleanings. However, when you are first acquiring a new commercial property, it is useful to have a deep cleaning to ensure any excess stains are removed from all surfaces.

Depending on the commercial cleaning provider that you choose, they will offer various packages of cleaning services. Make sure to consider which new commercial property cleaning services you will require. Then, you may be able to save capital due to bulk pricing.


3. Pressure Washing

Commercial properties will have varying styles of interiors and exteriors. Usually, when you are purchasing a new commercial property, it is possible to have an initial pressure washing appointment. This way, you can see whether you can eliminate larger stains from indoor or outdoor flooring, interior walls, exterior walls, or roof materials.

Pressure washing, in the beginning, is best before you have moved any furniture or inventory into the space. This way, you will be starting on the right foot and can then have quarterly pressure washing appointments to properly maintain your commercial property.


4. Paint Touch Up

There are many different types of paint on the market. Each one of those types of paints can be composed of different materials. This is relevant because it may cause certain paints to not last as long depending on the local climate where your commercial property is located.

During the appraisal, take a close look to see what surfaces need a paint touch-up. It is far easier to deal with any painting issues before you move any items into your new commercial property.

In addition, it is better to let the fumes from the paint air out for several days before having any of your employees in your new commercial space for safety purposes. Commercial property owners who wait to complete painting repairs until later often have painting jobs that take longer and that are more expensive.


5. Flooring Repair

There are times when investors purchase commercial properties that need new flooring due to neglect or damaging spills that have occurred in the past. Make sure to consider whether the existing flooring is the ideal fit for your company and which kind of flooring would potentially last the longest for your commercial property if you decide to change the entire flooring.

For example, if you suspect there may be many spills, then wood flooring may be too expensive and not the ideal option for your business. If you are able to find your flooring earlier, you will be able to take care of any improvements that need to be made before you move into your commercial property.

Many owners of commercial properties decide on an economic flooring option that they can install prior to moving in to avoid problematic future flooring repairs that disrupt the flow of their business.


6. Window Cleaning

New Commercial Property Cleaning ServicesWindow cleaning should always be completed before you move into your new commercial property. By cleaning the windows, you will be able to identify any potential scratches or cracks that may need to be repaired before you bring employees and customers to your space.

If your windows do not look clean, it will cause your commercial space to have a negative impression on your staff and clients. The first window cleaning that you complete will be more detailed than future cleanings.

After you complete your initial cleaning, you will then be able to have regular subsequent cleanings to maintain the cleanliness of your windows, which will further benefit each individual who will be spending time in your commercial space.


7. Lighting Repair

Not many property owners consider lighting as a critical point of concern. But, lighting can make or break your business. In fact, lighting has been shown to have a significant impact on mental health in the workplace.

The right lighting can boost productivity, while the wrong one can lower the mood and give your business a generally unappealing appearance. Check your new commercial property for any problems with lighting, whether interior or exterior. This includes any illuminated signs you intend to install for your business.


Get Commercial Cleaning for New Property Today

It is imperative to have new commercial property cleaning services performed on your newly purchased investment. Waiting too long can result in further damage, which may not be reversible if allowed to settle. As a property and business owner, you naturally want the best for your assets. Having a clean and well-maintained commercial property not only increases your company’s repute, but it also keeps you and your employees safe.




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