How Often Should You Hire Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Clean glass windows add shine to even the simplest storefront. But those same windows will quickly lose their appeal if covered in dirt and fingerprints. Commercial windows are too large to ask normal staff to clean; without the right equipment and training, high windows can be difficult or even unsafe to reach. With professional commercial window cleaning services, you can guarantee that your windows will be sparkling clean on a consistent basis.

So how often should you get your windows cleaned? The answer depends on the size of your windows, the amount of traffic you get, and the importance of maintaining your storefront’s image.

Twice a Month

If your business is a heavily visited restaurant or storefront, you should consider getting your windows cleaned at least twice a month. This is especially important if you have windows near tables or other areas that see frequent use. Every casual tap on the glass is another fingerprint that needs to be wiped off. The dust and debris of consistent business builds up over time, and a bi-weekly cleaning is a great way to keep your windows looking their best.

Restaurants and retail establishments both benefit greatly from a biweekly window cleaning. The shiny appearance of freshly cleaned windows projects an image that customers can have confidence in. If your windows develop too many smudges between cleanings, you may even consider switching to a weekly cleaning schedule.

Once a Month

Many small businesses only need commercial window cleaning once a month. If your windows aren’t exposed to direct foot traffic, they won’t develop dust and grime nearly as quickly. A monthly cleaning is enough to remove stray fingerprints and the effects of bad weather, and additional cleaning services can be requested as needed. Monthly window cleaning is a cost effective option that works particularly well for small storefronts, agencies, or any other business that sees a medium amount of foot traffic. Office buildings and other establishments can also benefit from consistent window cleaning.

If you choose a monthly window cleaning schedule, check the condition of your windows as a part of your regular cleaning habits. Splashes of mud or other debris will impact your business’s image, and can’t always wait until the end of the month. Don’t be afraid to reach out to us outside of your scheduled cleaning appointment; we will be happy to provide additional services as needed.

Once a Season

If your office or workshop is not frequently visited by clients, you may only need your windows cleaned once a season. Your building’s image may not directly impact your sales, but your windows still require consistent maintenance. A seasonal cleaning will remove the effects of weather and consistent use that apply to any place of business. Clean windows let in more sunlight, improve morale, and inspire confidence in your establishment.

As with the monthly cleaning option, check on the state of your windows during your regular maintenance routine. Seasonal window cleaning should be supplemented with the occasional extra cleaning appointment to ensure that your windows stay in the best possible condition.

Tips for Scheduling Window Cleaning

Whether you get your windows cleaned every two weeks or every month, you should schedule window cleaning services for a time when foot traffic is low. Our experienced staff will work quickly and efficiently; the ladders will be out of the way before your customers even notice.

If your business has glass doors, ask your cleaning staff to include them in the regular maintenance schedule. Glass doors pick up fingerprints every time a customer enters the building. A nightly cleaning will help keep them clear and sparkling.

Many property owners expect each individual tenant to maintain their own windows. However, many managers also choose to maintain the entire building’s windows on a consistent schedule. If you are a property owner or manager, check with your tenants to make sure that the window cleaning schedule works for their business model. If you are a business owner, check with your property manager to see if you are expected to hire window cleaning services.

Finally, don’t forget to consider small windows in hard to reach places. These windows won’t pick up fingerprints, but they will develop a layer of dust over time. When our team arrives for your first cleaning appointment, be sure to let us know where every window is located so that we can do the best job possible.

If you need regular window cleaning in the Charlotte, NC area, reach out to MSI. We will be glad to help you find a commercial window cleaning schedule that meets your business’s needs. Call us at (704) 405-6000 or contact us online to schedule a consultation today.

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