Hurricane Preparation

Hurricanes and other severe storms often bring an unannounced rise in water levels which can cause severe damage to your property. To make sure your business or commercial property stays safe during these storms, MSI provides emergency storm preparation services like board-ups and sandbagging.


Sandbagging Installation

Sandbags are essential in protecting your home or business from flooding. Extreme storms like hurricanes or tropical storms can cause water levels to rise which can be bad for your property. Sandbags will not keep out all water, but it can reduce the amount of water that is entering your property. To prevent backflow inside of your building or home, it is good to place sandbags over each floor drain. Sandbags can also be used to cover cracks, doorways, hallways, and other openings. Sandbags can be placed all around the property to better protect the building from water damage, although this is not always necessary.

Need Sandbags Installed For Your Property?

If your property is in need of storm preparation, MSI is here to help.  For sandbagging or any other storm preparation service, please call 980-297-5476 now.