Office Park Maintenance
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Maintaining an entire business park is no small task; one that requires a full team of experienced professionals and commercial-grade equipment to complete properly. Your staff is far to busy to worry about facility upkeep such as cleaning surfaces and replacing light bulbs. At MSI, commercial maintenance is all we do! Our expert technicians use top of the line equipment to ensure that your facilities are spotless and well maintained inside and out.

Professional Cleaning Services

Keeping your facilities clean is important on making a strong first impression to potential clients and retaining business. Office parks can be especially hard to maintain because of their size and the amount of foot traffic throughout the building. Having floors and carpets regularly cleaned goes a long way in improving the facility’s image and increasing longevity of surfaces. Maintenance Specialists, Inc. uses state of the art cleaning equipment to remove dirt and pollutants from any type of flooring. Regular cleaning can also decrease levels of pollen and dust keeping workers happy and healthy.

Of course, flooring is only one part of keeping your facility clean. For all other interior surfaces, we offer janitorial assistance services to keep your office spaces pristine. Our team of service men and women will clean every inch of your building ensuring that your clients can work efficiently every day.

Exterior surfaces are notoriously hard to clean. Power washing is the most cost effective and efficient way to remove even the toughest stains from concrete, brick, and asphalt. Without regular washing, layers of grime and mildew can accumulate, causing walkways to become slippery. This can put your clients at risk for falls and leave the business park vulnerable to lawsuits. MSI pressure washers can make quick work of sidewalks, walls, parking lots, and siding. With a mild, environmentally-friendly soap, we can remove stains and disagreeable odors from dumpster pads as well.

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Commercial Maintenance

Looking for someone to take care of building chores that have piled up? MSI has a large network of experienced handyman throughout North and South Carolina ready to go to work for you. We offer a wide range of services including dry walling, painting, changing/installing lighting, parking lot striping, and plumbing to name a few. Don’t let your building fall into disrepair. No job is too big or too small.

Cleaning up after a renter leaves can be a pain. To prepare the office space for the next client, call MSI. Our service technicians will clean out the vacant space, clean all floors and surfaces, repair the ceiling and drywall, replace lights, and repaint the walls. Your space will look good as new, and you won’t have to lift a finger. If your facilities are starting to look outdated, we also offer full office renovations. Update your look to attract more clients and even increase revenue from your office spaces.

Maintenance and Cleaning Services in Charlotte, NC

Maintenance Specialists, Inc. has worked in the greater Charlotte area for years and has become a trusted member in the commercial maintenance community. Our team of experts has over 100 years of combined experience working with a wide variety of properties including retail stores, restaurants, agricultural facilities, hospitals, office parks, and residential communities. Contact us or call (704) 405-6000 to speak with a knowledgeable representative to learn how we can help you maintain your property.

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