Regular Carpet Pressure Washing Is Good For The Health

Carpets have many uses, including aesthetics and decoration, noise reduction, insulation, comfort, and injury prevention. However, all these may not matter if your home is full of dirty carpets. Regular maintenance, through carpet pressure washing, will remove all the carpet health hazards and improve your family’s health.


Carpet Pressure Washing Can Eliminate Health Risks

Carpets are a repository for indoor air pollutants such as dirt, dust, and allergens, as well as biological contaminants such as mold, fungi, germs, bacteria, dust mites, and insects.

If you do not perform regular carpet cleaning, all these pollutants will accumulate and settle in the carpet’s fibers. Then, whenever there is activity — such as walking or playing on the carpet — these pollutants become airborne and your family will be exposed.

Exposure to these pollutants can lead to a variety of health conditions. First, it can exacerbate the symptoms of individuals with allergies, asthma, eczema, and other respiratory conditions. Moreover, studies have found that carpets can emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This can lead to headaches, eyes, nose, and throat irritation, and a weaker immune system.

Over time, a weakened immune system can also lead to other diseases such as stomach infections, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

Given all these health hazards, it’s important to have proper carpet maintenance in your home. There are many ways to clean your carpets, but residential pressure washing is quick and very effective. Carpet pressure washing only needs soap and water to clean.

With the use of a pressure washer, all the pollutants and contaminants embedded in your carpet’s fibers will be washed away. If done as part of your home maintenance, you will be able to reduce your family’s exposure to indoor air pollutants and biological contaminants.


5 Main Benefits of Carpet Pressure Washing

If you’re still undecided on how to properly clean your carpets, here are five amazing benefits of carpet pressure washing.


1. It Can Improve Your Family’s Health

Carpet Pressure Washing Is Good For The HealthRegular carpet pressure washing will prevent dirt, dust, mold, bacteria, and other contaminants from accumulating in your carpet’s fibers. As such, you can avoid the health risks that come with constant exposure to these indoor air pollutants.

Family members who are allergy-prone can live more comfortably because there are fewer triggers in the home environment. Moreover, there’s less stress in dealing with chronic illnesses that you didn’t think were caused by dirty carpets.


2. Pressure Washing Restores the Appearance of Your Old Carpets

If your carpets are dirty and look worn out, pressure washing will have them looking brand new again. If you clean your old carpets regularly, you can preserve them for much longer. Best of all, pressure washing doesn’t use any harsh chemicals. You can enjoy your old (but clean) rugs without having to worry about your skin touching the fibers or reacting to the cleaning products used.


3. Carpet Pressure Washing is Quick, Effective, and Convenient

Some carpet cleaning methods such as sweeping and scrubbing can take a very long time. The time you spend cleaning all your carpets could be spent relaxing and enjoying the weekend. Meanwhile, other methods will require you to pack up your carpets and drive them to a professional cleaner.

You can avoid all these hassles with residential pressure washing. An expert pressure washer will come to your home to clean your carpets. They only need to bring out your carpets and they can be cleaned in a few minutes.


4. Carpet Pressure Washing is Safe for the Environment

Carpet pressure washing is a good sustainable practice that you can adopt to help save the environment. Pressure washing can effectively clean your carpets with only soap and water. There are also environment-friendly cleaners that can target the stubborn stains on your carpet. You won’t have to worry about toxic chemicals that pollute our water supply.


5. Carpet Pressure Washing is a Cost-Effective Cleaning Method

Even though carpet pressure washing will be an added expense for your household, it will actually be cost-effective in the long run. Since you are preserving the condition of your carpets, you won’t need to replace them anytime soon. Regular pressure washing can save you a lot of money as carpets can be very expensive to replace.


Why You Should Call the Professionals for Carpet Pressure Washing

Carpet Pressure WashingThough it’s possible to DIY pressure wash your carpets, it might be better to call the professionals if you have no experience with pressure washing. There will be a lot of trial and error for first-timers. You may have to keep on repeating the process to effectively clean your carpets.

It also takes some expertise to properly handle a pressure washer and to apply the correct pressure. If done improperly, you may end up damaging your carpets. DIY pressure washing can also lead to more expenses on your part. You will have to rent a pressure washer and buy all the necessary cleaning products.

A professional pressure washing company will know how to use the right equipment and cleaning products for your carpets. Given the material of your carpets, they can apply the correct pressure from a safe distance. Professional carpet pressure washing will get the job done quickly and effectively.


Consider Regular Carpet Pressure Washing for Your Family’s Health and Safety

Carpets are a staple in many homes. However, not everyone is aware of the health hazards that carpets pose, especially if they are dirty and unclean. If your household has been experiencing chronic health conditions such as allergies and asthma, your dirty carpets may be the culprit. Regular carpet pressure washing is a quick and effective way to clean your carpets. It will also help protect your family’s health and safety.

Now that you know the benefits of carpet pressure washing carpets, don’t hesitate to reach out to Maintenance Specialists Inc. We provide reliable carpet pressure washing services so that you can feel safe and comfortable in your own home. Call us at 844.327.1986, email us at, or fill out our online contact form, and we’ll reach out to you.



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