Top Spring HOA Maintenance Services Your Community Needs

spring hoa maintenance

Springtime is here, and for many HOAs, that means performing regular maintenance on various aspects of the community. Without a checklist, though, it can be easy to forget some essential spring HOA maintenance services to perform.


Remember These Spring HOA Maintenance Services

In the days leading up to the new season, it is important for HOAs to establish which spring maintenance services that they will need to make their communities look their absolute best. Winter can cause many damages to communities. Your HOA board must address these damages either through repairs or cleaning before the peak of spring.

Make sure to strategize how you will allocate money in your budget to meet the demands of post-winter HOA maintenance in the spring. It is equally vital to include everything, from window cleaning to pest control. Here are the spring maintenance services to get for your community:


1. Window Cleaning

During the winter, there may be a great deal of rain, hail, or snow depending on where your community resides. For this reason, windows tend to get very dirty during the winter. It is best to have regular window cleanings scheduled for common areas of the community.

However, it is particularly important to have window cleanings scheduled for just before spring. This eliminates marks from winter storms that may have recently occurred. Failure to clean windows can leave residents with the impression that the HOA may not be maintaining the community properly.


2. Landscaping

Top Maintenance Services Your HOA Will Need Before SpringWintertime can bring severe winds with it, and these winds can cause significant damage to your landscaping. Trees fall down and plants get entirely destroyed.

To maintain the beauty of the neighborhood, you need HOA spring landscaping.

Most HOA communities already have landscaping companies that service them. Contact your landscaping company after winter to schedule an appointment with them.

If you don’t have a landscaping company in mind yet, select the one that fits your budget and standard the most. A professional landscaping company can create a visually appealing solution to repair any landscaping issues that may have occurred during the winter.


3. Roof Inspection

It is essential for every common area or facility in your community to have safe roofs. This includes clubhouses, gyms, and even security guard stations.

Make sure to survey those structures to see whether they need repairs, such as new roof tiles, or replacements. Roof issues are safety risks and can bring potential liability to your HOA in both the short and long term.


4. Power Washing

In the spring, winter storms may leave excessive debris or stains on the exteriors of buildings or concrete pathways. Therefore, spring HOA exterior maintenance is a necessary service.

A good way to clean exterior surfaces is through power washing. Schedule an appointment with a power washing company in order to eliminate any winter residue. Power washing is great because it really preserves the community and makes it look fresh and well-maintained.


5. Gutter Cleaning

Depending on the precise structure of your neighborhood, there may be gutters located on various structures of your community. Gutter cleaning is a great way to eliminate the buildup of leaves or other debris that may be clogging gutters from the winter season.

Clogged gutters can cause issues with water that needs to flow down from the roof, which can cause other repairs to be necessary. Make sure to have a careful look at the gutters in your community once the winter season has passed.


6. Repainting

Spring Maintenance Services For Your HOA Winter causes damage to every structure. If any of those structures have paint, it may get chipped or look faded after winter passes.

Survey your community to see whether any repainting is required. It is important that you do so because minor painting touch-ups are not expensive, and they are a way to make your community look polished as the warmer months of the year approach and more of your residents will be outside.

HOAs that invest in exterior repainting help to make the community look its absolute best.


7. Pool Cleaning

During the winter, it is quite common to have the outdoor swimming pool drained, particularly if the community is located in an area with colder temperatures. As spring approaches, it is wise to coordinate a cleaning for the pool area and a time to get the pool to be operational once more.

As soon as the warmer months arrive, residents will want to use those amenities that they are paying for and will be the first to complain if your HOA has not made the pool area ready to be used.


8. Light Fixtures & Electrical Wiring

If there were severe storms during the winter, it can cause potential issues with light fixtures and wiring. At the first sign of spring, HOA board members need to survey the community to see if any potential electrical repairs need to be completed.

If HOA board members do not have expertise related to electrical repairs, then it is wise to bring a vendor that the HOA regularly works with to have a look and see whether any repairs need to be made that are a risk to the safety of residents.


9. Pest Control

Pests have a tendency to go inside structures during the winter due to the cooler temperatures. HOAs need to have their common areas inspected to make sure there are no pests residing anywhere that may disrupt or frighten residents.

By having a local pest control company visit the main areas of the community, HOAs will be certain that any pests are no longer a potential nuisance to their residents.


Maintenance Checklist for Spring

Having a checklist for spring HOA maintenance services can make things easier for your HOA board. With a checklist, you can be sure not to leave anything out.

Furthermore, a checklist gives you a good idea of how to schedule all the inspections and repairs, as well as prepare budgets for each necessary service. For your spring HOA maintenance, use this checklist, which includes the nine major services and a few minor ones:

  • Window cleaning
  • Landscaping
  • Roof inspection
  • Exterior power or pressure washing
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Repainting
  • Pool cleaning
  • Light fixtures & electrical wiring
  • Pest control
  • Carpet and tile cleaning
  • Repair traffic control signs
  • Snowplowing
  • Siding repairs and cleaning
  • Plumbing repairs


Call on the Professionals

Spring HOA maintenance can be tedious, but it remains a necessary task every year. Most HOAs do not have the experience nor the staff to take on these services.

For this reason, it is important to seek professional assistance. Maintenance Specialists Inc. provides all these essential services to community associations. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or to request a free quote!



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