9 Advantages Of Gutter Cleaning For Commercial Properties

commercial gutter cleaning

Gutter cleaning for commercial properties is an essential part of any maintenance checklist. Without it, there are a number of consequences that could befall your property.


What Are the Benefits of Commercial Gutter Cleaning?

Commercial property owners would do well to schedule regular gutter cleaning. Still unsure? Consider the following advantages of routine gutter cleaning:


1. Removes Clogs

Your gutter accumulates all sorts of debris over the seasons. This includes dead leaves and twigs during autumn and ice dams during winter. When your gutter gets clogged, water tends to overflow and cause damage to other parts of your commercial property. Additionally, the weight of the debris can tear the gutter from the roof.


2. Prevents Pests From Nesting

This is another unsavory effect born out of a clogged gutter. If you allow debris to gather, pests will eventually start to nest among the leaves and twigs. Birds are one thing, but pests can also include rats, mosquitoes, and other insects. Before long, your gutter will become a breeding ground. Worse yet, you might face a full-on pest infestation in your commercial property.


3. Prevents Roof Leaks and Water Damage

commercial guttersGutters allow rainwater to flow smoothly from the roof to the drain — where it belongs. However, when you have clogged commercial gutters, water won’t flow down where they are supposed to. Instead, water might overflow or find its way into the commercial property.

A leaky roof is nothing to scoff at. When left unattended, roof leaks can cause further damage not only to your roof but to your ceilings as well. An overflowing gutter can also give rise to water damage and, therefore, structural damage. With this in mind, it is not hard to understand why rain gutter cleaning is paramount to every commercial facility.


4. Prevents Foundation and Interior Damage

When water overflows due to a clogged gutter, it can find its way into your walls. The excess moisture promotes mold growth, which is unsafe and damaging. The water won’t stop at your walls either. It can flow all the way down into your foundation and cause damage when it freezes during the winter.

If you want to prevent interior damage and cracks in your foundation, commercial gutter cleaning is the way to go. The cost of this service is practically nothing compared to the cost of repairing your gutter, roof, walls, and foundation.


5. Prevents Basement Flooding

If your commercial property has a basement, you must watch out for flooding. The culprit? Clogged gutters.

Following the logic of previous points, overflowing water can travel downwards along the walls and into your basement. When water gathers there, it can facilitate the growth of mold and mildew, both of which pose health risks.

Additionally, basement flooding can result in serious damage to the interior of your basement. If you have any furniture, equipment, or machines down there, they will also take a huge blow.


6. Lengthens Roof and Gutter Lifespan

As a commercial property owner, protecting your assets is naturally a top priority. Your property is an asset — one that comes with a roof and gutters attached. As such, it only makes sense to maintain the components of your property to make the most out of your investment.

If you want to prolong the lifespan of your roof and gutters (and, in effect, your property), commercial gutter cleaning is a must. It prevents clogging and water damage, which can also affect other areas of your property. When you maintain your roof and gutters properly through regular cleaning, you can prevent the need for costly repairs and replacements.


7. Protects Landscaping

Funnily enough, a clogged gutter can also indirectly affect your landscaping. Again, it all circles back to overflowing water. Unmanaged water can find its way to your landscaping, destroying plants and flowers as well as causing soil erosion.

Landscaping improves the appearance of any property. It also helps keep temperatures in check and promotes comfort. If you want to attract customers and keep tenants happy, proper gutter cleaning for commercial properties is imperative.


8. Promotes Health and Comfort

As previously touched upon, a clogged gutter invites pests of all kinds. It can also lead to the growth of mold and mildew in your walls and basement. Water leaking from your roof and into your ceiling can also pose slip-and-fall risks. All of these things have an effect on the health and comfort of those inside the property.

Furthermore, decomposed organic substances and other debris from a clogged gutter can contaminate your water. If customers and tenants use this without knowing, it can lead to a nasty lawsuit.


9. Preserves Property Value

commercial gutter installationEvery property owner, commercial or otherwise, cares about the value of their property. And curb appeal is a major contributing factor when it comes to property value.

Located on the exterior, gutters are one of the most visible aspects of commercial properties. When you have a poorly maintained gutter, people will likely take notice. Many will even assume that the poor appearance of the exterior reflects the appearance of the interior as well.

And they are not necessarily wrong. Water damage as a result of clogged gutters can give your interiors a worn and dingy look. The presence of mold, mildew, and water stains don’t help either.

A generally poor appearance can scare away tenants and customers. Apart from that, when the time comes for you to sell the property, you might not recover your investment. In fact, you would be lucky to meet a buyer at all.


How Often to Schedule Gutter Cleaning for Commercial Properties

As a general rule of thumb, you should clean your commercial property’s gutters at least twice a year. It is also ideal to clean your gutters after a storm, as this is usually when gutters take a beating. If your property is located in an area with plenty of trees, clean your gutters every three months.


How Much Does It Cost to Have Gutters Cleaned?

It is always best to hire a professional gutter cleaning service to complete the job for you. One thing that scares away most owners, though, is how much gutter cleaning costs. But, contrary to popular belief, commercial gutter cleaning is not that expensive.

On average, you should expect to pay about $0.80 per linear foot. As such, if your commercial property has about 200 feet of gutters, that would amount to $160. The cost can also hinge on whether your commercial property has multiple stories. At its lowest, commercial gutter cleaning companies charge $0.40 per foot, with the highest rate at $2.15 per foot.


The Cost of Commercial Gutter Installation

If you need to have new gutters installed in your commercial property, many companies offer both cleaning and installation services. The exact cost of commercial gutter installation can vary on a number of factors, including the style of the gutter, the material used, and the size of the roof. Prices usually begin at around $8 per linear foot, though some can cost as much as $50 per linear foot.


A Professional’s Touch

Commercial gutter cleaning is sometimes harder than it looks. You may need special equipment, not to mention basic safety training to pull it off. To save time and money, it is usually best to outsource the job to seasoned gutter cleaning companies.

Maintenance Specialists Inc. provides gutter cleaning services to commercial properties of all sizes. Call us today at 704.405.6000 or contact us online to learn more about our services.



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