Plumbing For Commercial Buildings: What Services Do You Need?

plumbing for commercial buildings

When you own a commercial property, there are many maintenance aspects that you must consider. One such aspect is plumbing for commercial buildings. If you fail to factor plumbing maintenance for commercial buildings into your budget projections, you may have issues paying for required maintenance expenses when both small and large plumbing repairs become necessary. If you want to know more about commercial plumbing services, review the information below.


Plumbing for Commercial Buildings: Essential Services You Need

Plumbing is just one of the things that should be on your preventive maintenance checklist. Compared to residential properties, plumbing systems for commercial buildings are larger and more complex. They are also used more often; however, the people who use your facilities are not obligated to check if everything is running smoothly. Thus, it is crucial for management to perform routine checks and repairs.

Here are the essential plumbing services you need for your commercial building:

1. Backflow Testing

red and blue water lines with backflow preventer | commercial plumbing servicesBuildings that have indoor plumbing, boilers/heaters, or irrigation have the risk of substantial backflow issues. Backflow occurs when dirty or undesirable water flows in the wrong direction resulting in contamination. Backflow typically is caused by a change in the pressure within the plumbing system.

Usually, properties have a backflow prevention system installed in order to protect their water supply. The system works by permitting water that is not tainted to flow through the pipes while simultaneously separating the dirty water by keeping it from flowing back into the original water stream.

It is vital to get your backflow prevention system checked regularly in order to avoid this issue that could be a major safety hazard to both your customers and staff. By working with a company with expertise in periodic backflow testing, you will be able to keep your commercial property safe from water contamination.


2. Plumbing Hardware Repair

There are many kinds of plumbing repairs that may arise for any given commercial property. Depending on the specific design of your building and where it is located, there may be unique plumbing hardware repairs that are required.

It is quite common for sinks, faucets, toilets, or any pipe to leak. Any small leak is very dangerous for properties because it can lead to deterioration or mold without being noticed for a substantial period of time. There are also times when screws or small pieces of pipes need to be replaced because they have rusted. If you fail to make these smaller hardware repairs, they can lead to costly repairs in the long-term.


3. Periodic Inspections

Worker Holding Clipboard Inspecting Water Pump And Pipes | plumbing for commercial spacesEvery commercial property that you own must be inspected regularly by plumbing experts to avoid leaks going unnoticed. Some typical signs of leaks can be seen in a change in the composition of your floors or ceilings. In addition, your sidewalls may have an altered texture.

If you see any signs such as these, it may mean that you have a larger leak that needs immediate attention. Water is something that causes a great deal of damage quickly. For this reason, it is imperative to have periodic inspections to catch required repairs before they become costly expenses for your business.

By scheduling your inspections in advance, it will be much easier for you to avoid forgetting to inspect the plumbing in your commercial property.


4. Mold Prevention

Mold is something that can spread quite quickly if it is not eliminated. It occurs when the water has been left in cool, dark, and damp places for extended periods of time. Mold has a distinct aroma; however, it is also possible to mistake mold for other smells.

Be sure that you are checking for mold if you have had a small or large leak recently. Seek expert assistance if you do have mold so that you are able to pay for the required repairs and prevent additional costs if the mold spreads to other areas of your commercial property.

Staying on top of mold issues is quite important since mold can cause severe health risks to both your staff and customers. If your commercial property does have mold, it is better to check other areas of the property to be sure the mold has been contained as well. Failure to react to mold issues quickly in your commercial property will result in costly repairs in both the short and long term for your company.


Plumbing for Commercial Buildings: 5 Common Issues to Look Out For

1. Structural Damages

If a commercial property is older than 10 years, management should start looking out for structural damages. Even sturdy plumbing for commercial spaces will show wear and tear after some time, especially there is frequent use of the facility. Unfortunately, structural damage is not easy to detect.

If you are experiencing issues such as water leaks, sewage backups, or other issues, you need to call in an expert to assess your plumbing system. It’s also important to perform maintenance regularly to address issues before they lead to large-scale and costly damages.


2. Faucet Leaks and Running Toilets

Faucet leaks and running toilets can create a serious problem for your commercial property. Though it may seem like water is only coming out in drops, water usage will add up and result in a massive water bill. This issue is even magnified if your commercial space has numerous bathrooms. So, once you discover faucet leaks and/or running toilets, make sure to call a plumbing service right away.


3. Clogged Drains and Toilets

men putting a pipe in a manhole | commercial plumbing servicesCommercial-grade drains and toilets can endure a lot, but they are not insusceptible to clogs. With so many people using your facilities, it is impossible to control what they decide to flush down your drain or toilet. Make sure to call a professional plumber to unclog your drains and toilets.

To minimize the clogging issue, you may also want to add a garbage disposal system in your facilities. It is also important to educate tenants or clients on the proper use of commercial restrooms.


4. Bad Odor and Stains

It is never good to have bad odors and stains in your commercial building. It affects property values and can also indicate a serious plumbing problem. These odors and stains could be due to leaks or clogs in your plumbing system. Make sure to regularly clean your restrooms. In cases where commercial cleaning products are not enough, you may have to call in a commercial cleaning provider.


5. Inconsistent Water Temperature and Low Water Pressure

a look through a facility's pipe system | commercial cleaning servicesIf your facilities have inconsistent water temperatures, there might be an issue with your water heater system. It is also possible that your water heater might not be the right size for your commercial building. Consult with a maintenance company and have them assess your water heater system.

Meanwhile, low water pressure in your facilities could indicate a leak. It is also possible that the pump in your water tank is malfunctioning. You need to call in a licensed plumber to see what is causing the low water pressure and which repairs should be implemented.


Plumbing for Commercial Buildings: How to Deal With Plumbing Issues

If there are plumbing issues in your commercial property, it is important to have them fixed as soon as possible. If not, minor issues can escalate quickly and cause severe damage to your building. Apart from plumbing repairs that will cost you a lot of money, there will result in major inconvenience for your tenants or clients.

Upon completion of urgent repairs, you will need to reassess your building’s preventive maintenance plan. Plumbing maintenance and repairs are an essential part of commercial property management. It is important to have a maintenance company like MSI you can trust and rely on. Not only will they be able to address plumbing issues, but a maintenance specialist can also tick all the other items in your maintenance checklist.


What Should I Do If My Commercial Property Has Suffered Severe Water Damage?

a man tightening a pipe lock | cleaning services for commercial propertiesDepending on where your commercial property is located, it may be subject to severe flooding in certain parts of the year. Before your property suffers from severe water damage, it would be wise to speak to local law enforcement agencies about what you can do to limit potential flood damage. For example, placing sandbags in certain areas of your commercial property can help to eliminate damages caused by severe floods.

If your property has suffered severe water damage, it is first important to check for mold. When there is mold infestation, then it is important to eliminate the sections or the wall, ceiling, or flooring that has mold. If there are additional areas in the walls that have surface damage, it is best to replace those areas or to choose an entirely different pattern to replace your walls.

Water can leave stains on walls and flooring. If the stains are minor, then power washing can be a great economical solution to remove stains on the interior or exterior walls, flooring, and rooftop. The best way to save the most capital on your commercial property after severe water damage is to have a comprehensive estimate of what damages your commercial property has suffered and what potential repair solutions can be offered in a package. Through bulk pricing, it is highly likely that you will be able to save a great deal of capital on the required repairs for your commercial property.


Importance of Maintenance Plumbing for Commercial Buildings

Preventive maintenance is one of the best ways to protect the value of your commercial property. It ensures that everything is running smoothly and properly. When it comes to plumbing for commercial buildings, management should look out for leaks, clogs, and other issues to avoid severe and expensive repairs. It is important to know the essential plumbing services for your commercial building and the common plumbing issues that you need to look out for. If your organization is looking for exceptional commercial property plumbing services, don’t hesitate to give us a call.



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