7 Easter Egg Hunt Ideas For Kids And Adults

easter egg hunt ideas

Egg hunts are a staple of the Easter holiday, but they can get boring after a while. Put a spin on yours with these Easter egg hunt ideas.


Creative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for a Memorable Time

Easter is just around the corner, which means it’s time to gear up for another day of fun activities. Perhaps one of the most fun — and expected — activities this Easter is the egg hunt. During this game, participants search for hidden eggs in a designated area. Sometimes, these are real eggs that kids collect for a prize. Other times, these are plastic eggs filled with candies and toys.

Classic as it may be, though, an Easter egg hunt can also be boring. After playing it year in and year out, kids will undoubtedly start to find the mechanics of the game dull. If you want to put a creative twist, here are the best Easter egg hunt ideas you can find.


1. Scavenger Egg Hunt

Scavenger hunts usually give kids a list of items to find. If you combine this with an egg hunt, you get one of the most fun Easter egg scavenger hunt ideas ever.

To play this game, you will need a variety of egg designs. Give each kid or team of kids a list of eggs they must find. For example, you can ask them to find one blue-striped egg, one with polka dots, two solid-colored eggs, etc. Once they find all the eggs on their list, they win. Alternatively, you can assign a prize for every type of egg they manage to find. This way, everybody wins.

Of course, make sure you actually have enough eggs hidden to meet all the lists. Additionally, if you can’t find plastic eggs with different designs at the store, you’ll have to make the eggs on your own.


2. Golden Ticket

easter egg scavenger hunt ideasChannel your inner Willy Wonka with this golden ticket idea. In addition to hiding regular eggs, hide a few eggs with a golden ticket inside. This golden ticket corresponds to a special prize. If you don’t have plastic eggs that kids can open, consider dyeing a real egg with gold food coloring instead.

Egg hunts don’t have to be competitive either. If kids are playing, it’s best to hide as many golden ticket eggs as the number of players. Then, limit each player to one golden ticket. This way, everyone can walk away with a special prize at the end. You don’t want kids crying after the game because they didn’t get the golden ticket.

However, if you’re playing with adults, you can get away with only hiding a single golden ticket egg. And you can make the prize extra special, too.


3. Eggs With Rewards

An Easter egg hunt for kids usually involves candies and toys. But, too much candy can be bad for them, and small toys can be choking hazards. Instead of filling plastic eggs with the usual prizes, fill them with reasonable rewards instead.

Some examples of reasonable rewards include:

  • 15 extra minutes of TV time
  • No dish duty for a week
  • Their choice of dinner for a night

It’s best to tailor these rewards according to your kids. Because you know them best, you know what type of rewards they will like the most. Simply write these rewards on pieces of paper, then hide them in the plastic eggs.

This works best if you’re organizing the activity for only your kids. But, if you’re putting the egg hunt together for a larger party or a community egg hunt, you might need more creative ideas for rewards. Talking to their parents to brainstorm ideas is a good place to start.


4. Eggs With Actions

Who says a DIY Easter egg hunt has to be difficult? If you want to hit two birds with one stone, try stuffing plastic eggs with fun actions in addition to (or instead of) reasonable rewards.

There’s a lot of room for creativity here. Actions like “jump three times,” “sing Baa Baa Black Sheep,” and “balance on one foot for 5 seconds” will surely ignite laughter among kids. You can have the kids open every plastic egg they find and then complete the action for a prize. Alternatively, you can open all of the eggs at the end of the game and have them do the actions then.

This spin on the Easter egg hunt, along with the reasonable rewards one, allows kids to play the game without giving them too many sweets. Plus, it gets them moving, which is a good way to keep them healthy.


5. Blindfolded Egg Hunt

adult easter egg hunt ideasWhen it comes to ideas for Easter egg hunts, not many people suggest doing it blindfolded. But, it’s actually a great way to get everyone involved in the game — not just the kids.

To play this game, break the participants into pairs. Each pair should consist of one kid and one adult. The adults are blindfolded and stand in front of the kids. Once the game starts, kids will have to guide their partner adults to the hidden eggs. Kids can’t move around and help the adults with their hands. They can only give verbal instructions.

Of course, make sure not to actually hide the eggs. You should place the eggs in spots where the kids can actually see them. Otherwise, no one will find a thing!


6. Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt

Most egg hunts take place under bright sunlight. But, how about waiting until dark to start playing? If you’re looking for adult Easter egg hunt ideas, this one’s for you. Though, it also works well with kids, provided there’s adult supervision.

The mechanics largely remain the same as a classic egg hunt. But, the twist is that you do it during the nighttime using glow-in-the-dark eggs. How do you make the eggs glow? All you need are some glow sticks (the mini kind works best) and plastic eggs. Just snap the glow sticks and place them inside the eggs along with the sweets.


7. Egg Hunt Relay

easter egg hunt for kids

Easter egg hunts aren’t usually team-based games, but they can be. With an egg hunt relay, kids can learn to work together while still having fun looking for eggs.

To play this game, break the players into teams. Then, each kid takes a turn looking for an egg. Once they’ve found one, they return to their team, and the next kid takes their turn. Teams repeat this until they’ve found enough eggs to win a prize.


For a Unique Easter

Egg hunts are always fun, but they can get repetitive over time. If you want to mix things up this year, these Easter egg hunt ideas will definitely have the kids leaving with a smile and an experience they won’t soon forget.



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