7 Columbus Day Activities To Do With Kids

columbus day activities

Columbus Day is right around the corner, and families are undoubtedly planning their long weekends. Whether you want to go out or stay in, here are some Columbus Day activities you can do with kids.


Fun and Engaging Columbus Day Activities for Kids

Columbus Day falls on the second Monday of October each year. Just like Labor Day and Memorial Day, Columbus Day takes place on a Monday thanks to the Uniform Monday Holiday Bill, making it a three-day weekend. With an extra day of rest, families can take this opportunity to spend quality time with their children.

Below, you will find some of the best Columbus Day activities for kids.


1. Prepare Some Columbus Day Snacks

columbus day activities for kidsIf you want to spend some time in the kitchen this holiday, why not get your kids involved? Letting them help out in the kitchen is a great way to teach them how to responsibly cook. It doesn’t even have to be complicated dishes. Start out with easier recipes for appetizers or snacks.

Jell-O makes for a tasty snack and is fairly simple to prepare. You can even just cut up some vegetables and make them into boats in honor of the three ships Christopher Columbus sailed to the New World. If you want to take things a step further, bake some cupcakes and let your kids decorate them with icing in whatever way they want.


2. Channel Your Artistic Side With Arts and Crafts

Some of the best kindergarten activities for Columbus Day involve arts and crafts. Through arts and crafts, kids can hone their talents and express themselves artistically.

One arts and crafts activity is making paper boats — again, in honor of Columbus’ three ships. The best part about this is that you really only need some paper and coloring tools. After teaching kids how to fold paper boats, they can decorate them as they please. Paper boats can also be easily turned into paper hats, which kids can wear when they play pretend.

You can also buy a coloring book that your kids can surely spend hours on. Coloring books can help you teach kids to color inside the lines, which can also promote fine motor skills.


3. Visit a Pumpkin Patch

There is nothing wrong with staying at home this coming holiday. But, if you want to spend Columbus Day with the kids outside, a pumpkin patch should definitely make it to your list. This time of the year is perfect for a visit to a pumpkin patch. With Halloween also creeping up, you can use this time to pick out the pumpkins you want to carve.


4. Go to a Museum

kids columbus day activitiesThere is so much history behind Columbus Day. And although kids can learn these things in school, there is nothing like learning history from museums. Museums offer a visual experience in addition to a textual one. There are also many museums that offer audio guides to make the experience more immersive.

If the nearest museum requires going on a drive, why not make a day out of it? On top of the museum, you can also visit other sites and sceneries, then cap off the day with a delicious meal at a nice restaurant.

Of course, museums come in various shapes and forms. Some of them do exhibit jarring moments from history that may not be well-suited for kids of a certain age. As parents or teachers, make sure to carefully select the museum you end up visiting.


5. Play Some Games

You don’t have to work too hard to come up with fun kids’ Columbus Day activities. Christopher Columbus was an explorer, and a scavenger hunt is a game that encourages exploration. Hide items around the house or in your backyard, then give your kids a list of the things they have to find.

If you’re already doing arts and crafts and building paper boats, take it one step further with a paper boat race. All they need to do is place their paper boats in water (an inflatable pool works well) and blow on them until they reach the finish line. Just make sure to use durable paper.

For something that helps kids understand history, a true or false game hits the nail spot-on. You can prepare statements about Columbus Day and have your kids guess whether they are true or false.


6. Pick Some Apples

Apple orchards are gorgeous around this time of the year. And, for an experience that will help kids appreciate the beauty of nature, consider apple-picking. You and your kids can fill up a basket with this seasonal fruit, and these visits also usually come with guided tours. Kids can also learn the process of planting and growing apples.

Some apple farms offer more than just apple-picking. There are those that have corn mazes and hayrides, which will certainly fill an entire day of fun. With your lot of freshly harvested apples, you can eat them as is or make a delicious apple pie.


7. Go on a Picnic

columbus day with the kidsOctober is a beautiful time as the leaves start to change color. Take this opportunity to admire the beauty of nature by going on a picnic. Picnics are great because you can do them almost anywhere. You can pack a tasty lunch to eat at the park or simply lay down some tablecloths in your backyard. As long as it’s outdoors, you can’t go wrong.

In addition to a picnic, you can also schedule a nice walk or relax under a big tree. With the stresses of work and school, let this holiday be your break from it all.


Family Fun for Everyone

As you can see, there are plenty of Columbus Day activities you can plan for your kids this coming holiday. You can choose to only do one or make the most out of the three-day weekend by doing as much as you can. Your kids will surely appreciate the time spent with you.



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