Keep Costs Down with Preventive Maintenance

If you’ve ever had a pipe burst or an HVAC failure, you know that emergency maintenance is expensive. Usually these sorts of repairs must be addressed immediately. That often means higher prices. This is both due to the rush to respond and the amount of work involved with these kinds of emergencies. Add on to that the costs associated with clean-up and interrupted work. The costs associated with emergency maintenance can quickly become devastating. The alternative is to avoid these kinds of disasters all together with a strong preventive maintenance plan.

Be proactive, not reactive

Too often, building owners and property managers will put off maintenance thinking that they are saving money. In reality, putting things off only leads them to stack up. When things finally come to a head and something breaks, it often costs far more than it would have had the property been properly maintained from the beginning.

Just like regular doctor’s visits for your health or oil changes for your car, regularly scheduled preventive maintenance is essential for the smooth operation of buildings and commercial properties. Without it, you will constantly feel behind the eight-ball. You must react to crises as they come up and constantly pay the price for it.  The alternative is to work with your service provider to develop a preventive maintenance plan. While there will still be fees involved, they will occur regularly and be much easier to budget for. Additionally, most preventive maintenance jobs are relatively minor. You rarely have to shut down an office or workspace to accommodate a crew doing preventive maintenance. It’s a very different story when a pipe breaks and floods the room.

Develop a relationship

In addition to the cost savings, having a regular preventive maintenance contract has another major benefit—the relationship you develop with your maintenance company. Unlike those that only call once in a blue moon when things are going wrong, properties that keep ongoing preventive maintenance contracts will get to know their maintenance guys. This dialogue is helpful to everyone involved.

For the maintenance company, it means they have a more reliable source of income. They also are able to get to know the client’s needs and their systems better, and build trust with the client. Meanwhile the property manager or owner can feel confident that things will go wrong less often, and if they do, they have a reliable person to call to get it cleaned up. Because the company has a relationship with the property that they want to uphold, and because they are more familiar with the building, repairs are likely to be much cheaper and happen quicker than they would with a company that has no relationship with the property.

MSI works hard to develop these kind of relationships. We see our clients as friends and family, not just numbers on a balance sheet. When you work with us, you’ll have a trusted partner that takes care of your property as if it were our own. To set up preventive maintenance services with MSI, contact us online or call us at (704) 405-6000.

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