8 Recommendations On How To Find A Commercial Cleaning Provider

Maintaining a clean and sanitary office environment is vital to the success of your company. Many companies find the need to hire a professional cleaning service to take care of their needs rather than hiring a full-time janitor to cut their overall costs. Typically, a cleaning service will usually come in after-hours and clean the various parts of the office. It is not uncommon to find many different cleaning services available in your local area. It is wise to look carefully to choose the company that is the ideal fit for your business’ needs at a price that you can afford. What is important to remember is the most affordable cleaning service may not be the best possible option for your business’ interests. For companies that are looking for tips on how to find the optimal commercial cleaning provider for their business, it is wise to review the recommended tips below:


1. Obtain Price Quotes from Multiple Companies in Your Area

request a quote red stampEven if you are certain you want to hire one company, it is always recommended to shop around. Shopping around will give you an excellent idea of what kinds of packages are offered and what standards you should be required from the firm you end up choosing. When you get this quote, ask for a list of the services that they provide. Most companies will provide services related to vacuuming, cleaning, sanitizing of the bathroom, dusting, and mopping. Also, others may offer carpet cleaning a few times per year and have that quoted as a part of a commercial cleaning package or at a separate price.


2. Check for Proof of Insurance

It is always important to check for proof of insurance. It is beneficial to see what kind of insurance a cleaning company has access to so that you can be sure you will not be liable if one of their employees is injured while cleaning any of your facilities.


3. Carefully Investigate the Contract You Will Sign

Most commercial cleaning companies will want you to sign a contract. Signing a contract is valuable for your interests as it will be given that it clarifies the scope of work, payment, and standards both parties will adhere to. If the commercial cleaning company offers a trial period, this is wise so that you do not have to commit to a year contract if their service is below your standards. Make sure to negotiate your contract with the commercial cleaning provider carefully so that you are getting the best possible terms. Remember that the idea is to reduce your burden so that your commercial cleanings are handled in a manner that enables you to shift your focus to important aspects of your business.


4. Check for the Commercial Cleaning Company’s Professional Experience

It is essential to know how long the commercial cleaning company you are considering hiring has been in business. Their level of experience will reflect in how they run their operations and provide service to their clients. If they were directly referred to you by a trusted colleague or family member, this is a good sign that they will do an excellent job for you. If they have little web presence or negative reviews on forums, then it is likely there is a reason for that negative feedback or limited exposure. Companies with more experience and positive reviews from prior clients are absolutely a better choice in the long-term.


5. Ask for at Least Three Commercial References

Obtaining one reference is simple; however, obtaining three is not. This is a good test of the company’s positive track record with clients. Observe whether the prior client has a similar facility to yours. This will also help you to assess whether the commercial cleaning company can provide the level of service that you require.


6. Ask How the Company’s Employees Are Screened

man interviewing applicantHow a commercial cleaning provider screens its employees is very important. These employees will have access to your company facility likely after hours where sensitive information is stored. You have to be sure that employees that the commercial cleaning provider is hiring are trustworthy enough to be unsupervised in your space. Make sure to ask the company about their employee screening process and you will know right away about whether they have transparency and good practices if they do not avoid this questioning.


7. Inquire About the Company’s Quality Control

Many commercial cleaning providers are advertising that they have quality control protocols set in place to better serve their clients. You should be asking whether the company has individuals dedicated to inspecting the quality of their cleaner’s work. Ask the company about their quality process to ensure that standards are being maintained. Companies tend to have a department dedicated to quality control that encompasses staff training and routine inspections.


8. Discuss the Company’s Process Automation

Even though the industry tends to behind others with regards to process automation, it is useful to ask the company’s current process automation or plans to grow this sector of their company structure. Time and attendance tracking is one way that can assist their hourly staff in logging the proper amount of hours worked at your facility, which could impact your costs. Scheduling automation also has the potential to make the company’s processes more efficient for its clients in the event a staff member is ill or a cleaning appointment needs to be scheduled. Asking about process automation is an excellent way to figure out how advanced the firm is in the technological sector and how their offerings can positively impact the level of service they can provide to your business.

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