Should You Get Professional Construction Clean Up Services?

construction clean up services

Construction projects leave behind all sorts of messes and debris. Whether you have just finished renovating a home or building an entirely new one, you will need construction clean up services.


The Benefits of Hiring Construction Clean Up Services

There are countless construction projects that take place every year worldwide. In the United States, homeowners spend billions of dollars on remodeling alone. The construction and renovation process itself can be quite transformative, but it is what comes after that truly overwhelms most people.

Some property owners attempt to take post construction clean up into their own hands, but this makes for substandard results. Worse yet, you could injure yourself or others in the process. Instead, property owners would be wise to outsource the job to seasoned professionals.

If you are still on the fence, here are the benefits of hiring construction clean up services:


1. Thorough Cleaning

construction clean up, construction cleaning servicesCleaning up a construction site after the completion of a project is not as easy as it may seem. It takes more than just a broom and a mop.

Aside from the usual dirt and dust that settles on the site, there are loads of debris and clutter to remove. Plus, some of the debris hides in hard-to-find places. As such, if you don’t know where to look, you may end up leaving them to gather even more dust, only to come across them at the most inopportune moments.

In addition to looking for these messes, you will also need to know how to clean them up. Professional construction cleaners are equipped with knowledge in both these areas. They also have the right tools and supplies needed to remove all unwanted mess. Moreover, cleaning services come armed with a post construction cleaning checklist to make sure they don’t miss anything important.


2. Saves Time

Hiring post construction cleaning services is a massive time-saver. As the owner of the property, you will obviously want to use the newly renovated or constructed space as soon as you can. But, even after the completion of the project, you can’t immediately move your things inside because of all the mess. Cleaning it out yourself will not only have subpar results but also take so much time.

If you want to take advantage of your new space at the soonest, you will need professional cleanup services. Because professionals already know how to proceed with a project from the very beginning, they tend to work faster and more efficiently. They also know what to do with different kinds of construction waste, such as stacks of unused tiles, bent nails, and leftover trash.

Additionally, this gives you more time to focus on what really matters. For residential properties, you can start planning where to put your furniture and what design scheme you want to use. For commercial properties, you can map out your space and plan your business operations.


3. Prevents Damage

With a newly constructed or renovated space, the last thing you’d want to do is damage anything. Unfortunately, when you take a DIY approach to cleanup, the damage is nearly inevitable.

More often than not, property owners don’t have the necessary expertise and equipment for post-construction cleaning. This leads to incorrect techniques and cleaning methods, thereby resulting in damage. You might inadvertently scrape a window while trying to peel the tape off or irreversibly ruin a sensitive surface while wiping dust off using a rough piece of cloth.

With construction cleaning services, there is little to no risk of damaging finished areas and surfaces. Again, it comes down to expertise and the right cleaning materials.


4. No Additional Headache

Compared to doing it yourself, hiring new construction cleaning services is simply more convenient. You don’t want to spend endless hours and energy cleaning up construction waste.

Many construction companies also outsource this task to a cleaning service because they don’t want to the headache associated with post-construction clean up. Contractors don’t tend to offer the service themselves since it means having to hire more workers who specialize in cleaning construction waste. In addition to managing another set of workers, having an in-house cleanup crew also means acquiring additional insurance and workers comp.


5. Safety

Construction sites are large work-in-progress zones, so they usually contain a lot of hazardous materials. Not watching where you step for even just a second can result in serious harm. Although you might claim to be careful, you still don’t have the proper gear that professionals do. Professionals don protective helmets, footwear, and eye gear when handling construction clean ups. In doing so, they can keep themselves out of harm’s way while still completing the job efficiently.

Beyond stray nails and large debris, construction sites also typically have a lot of dust. Inhaling dust can give you respiratory issues. Again, thanks to protective gear, professionals are able to protect themselves from such hazards.


6. Proper Waste Disposal

post construction cleaning servicesConstruction waste can come in many forms — from piles of damaged bricks to a mishmash of metal scraps. But, it is not like you can just throw them away as you would normally do with normal trash.

Different cities and local areas have their own waste disposal regulations. You may need to send some waste to landfills and others to recycling centers. And, breaking these regulations can result in serious penalties. But, with construction clean up services, you can entrust this job to professionals.


How Much Does a Construction Clean Up Service Cost?

Many contractors and property owners opt for DIY construction clean up because they think it is cheaper. But, it is actually more cost-efficient to outsource the job to a professional company. While construction clean up pricing varies per company, you can expect to spend somewhere between $275 to $3,000, depending on the project scale as well as the property type and size. Taking into account all of the benefits listed above, paying for professional construction clean up is definitely worth the price.


Hiring a Professional

Whether it’s cooking or construction, cleaning up afterward is usually the most troublesome part. Make your life easier by hiring construction clean up services.

This is where Maintenance Specialists Inc. comes in. With MSI, you can rest easy knowing your post-construction cleanup needs are in capable hands. Call us today at 704.4056.000 or contact us online to learn more about our services.



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