Is Hiring Air Duct Cleaning Services Necessary For Your Building?

air duct cleaning services

Air ducts are a common component of any building, and it’s necessary to keep them clean. But, do you really need air duct cleaning services?


The Benefits of Hiring Air Duct Cleaning Services

Air ducts play an important role in the functionality of your HVAC system. These ducts distribute air throughout a property, keeping it cool or warm as well as providing much-needed ventilation. Every now and then, though, these air ducts will become dirty. Over time, dirt and grime can accumulate in these air ducts and clog them.

Here are the benefits of hiring air duct cleaning services:


1. A Cleaner Environment

When air ducts gather dirt and dust, they stop distributing clean air. The dirt and dust end up circulating throughout the building. For residential properties, dirt and dust can settle on bedding, furniture, and appliances. For industrial facilities, dirt and dust can land on equipment and machinery.

Dirty air ducts are a substantially bigger problem in places with kitchens, as dirt and dust can affect food safety. Restaurants, cafés, and bars, in particular, suffer the most consequences. Inadequate ventilation can also interfere with productivity in office settings. In fact, it is one of the cited causes of sick building syndrome.

A thorough cleaning of your air ducts, though, can quickly solve this problem. With air duct cleaning services, you can promote a cleaner environment for everyone.


2. Gets Rid of Foul Smells

hvac cleaningIt is not out of the ordinary for a space to sustain foul smells and odors. A number of things can cause that nasty stench — chemicals, tobacco, paint fumes, pets, mold, and even food. When the air conditioner or heater is on, these smells will circulate throughout the house. Additionally, dirt and dust buildup can also leave a musty scent.

Fortunately, you can reduce foul-smelling odors with a simple cleaning of your air ducts. Whether you own a residential or commercial property, air duct cleaning is an absolute must.


3. Minimizes Allergens and Irritants

Dirt and dust are not the only problems you can encounter when it comes to cleanliness. Other contaminants can also find their way into your home or building. These include bacteria, mold spores, pet dander, pollen, and mildew.

All of these are common allergens and irritants. While not everyone will experience adverse reactions to them, those with respiratory problems and allergies can experience detrimental effects. When these contaminants find their way into the air ducts, they can settle there and circulate throughout the space endlessly.

The only thing that can effectively remove these allergens and promote a healthier environment is an air ducts cleaning service.


4. Allows for Easier Breathing

Even if you’re not allergic to anything, you will find that it’s easier to breathe clean air than dirty air. Dust can trigger coughing and sneezing. In some cases, it can even lead to sinus and bronchial congestion.

While you may be able to live with dirty air, your customers, workers, and tenants certainly can’t. In fact, if you want them to keep coming back, you will need to create a clean and healthy space for all of them. If you want everyone to breathe easier, hire an air duct cleaning service.


5. Delays Deterioration

If you need a reason to clean your air ducts that isn’t health-related, consider the condition of your ventilation system. A thorough HVAC cleaning every now and then can prolong the lifespan of your asset. When you delay deterioration, you can also save money on expensive repairs or replacements.

As a property owner, you would naturally want to preserve your investment. More than that, you would want to increase its value so that you can earn a profit should you decide to sell it in the future. To do this, you must adopt preventive maintenance and apply it to all of your building’s or home’s components. And, as a lot of maintenance technicians know, cleaning is one of the best preventive maintenance practices.


6. More Energy-Efficient

A clogged air duct will force your HVAC system to work twice as hard. It will need to expend more energy heating your space in the winter and cooling it down in the summer. This can lead to a higher energy bill.

Clean air ducts allow for better airflow as there is nothing obstructing the airways. Thus, your HVAC system will have an easier time cooling or heating the space as well as circulating air. If you want to increase energy efficiency, make sure to have your air ducts cleaned professionally on a regular basis.


How Much Does Air Duct Cleaning Cost?

A lot of property owners don’t want to hire air duct cleaning services because they perceive it as an unnecessary cost. But, when you measure the benefits against the cost of the cleaning, it is definitely worth it.

The cost of professional air duct cleaning can range anywhere from $150 to $700, depending on the condition of the air ducts, the complexity of the system, and the type of property you have. On average, though, you should expect to pay around $370 for air duct cleaning.


How Often Should You Clean Air Ducts?

air duct cleaning costThe frequency of air duct cleaning ultimately depends on use and condition. If you find that your air ducts become dirty more often, then you will need to clean them more often, too. In general, though, it is good practice to conduct a general cleaning every 3 to 5 years.

It is best to hire professionals to clean your air ducts as well. Professionals know exactly how to approach every type of cleaning job. They know what tools and cleaning agents to use. Beyond that, they can also identify any problem areas before they worsen.


Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned Today

As you can see, the advantages of air duct cleaning services certainly outweigh their cost. Plus, considering you only need to do it every few years, the expense shouldn’t make a huge dent in your budget. Whether you own a home, a building, or any other type of property, cleaning your air ducts is a must.

If you need expert air duct cleaning services, Maintenance Specialists Inc. can help. Give us a call today at 704.405.6000 or contact us online for more information.



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