Commercial Lighting Maintenance Is Not Something To Skimp On

Lighting maintenance is usually at the bottom of the priority list for most commercial properties. Some owners and managers simply do not have time while others underscore the importance of preventative planned lighting maintenance. If you want to increase productivity and boost revenue, lighting maintenance is not something to skimp on. Here’s why commercial lighting maintenance is important to your bottom line.


Why Do You Need Commercial Lighting Maintenance?

Lighting should be a staple in any commercial property’s preventive maintenance plan. However, many overlook lighting maintenance for a multitude of reasons. It might not seem obvious, but poor lighting can significantly affect the bottom line of your business. Here are some of the consequences of having poor or broken lighting.


Increase in Safety Hazards

A poorly lit environment will create safety hazards for your workers or tenants, especially in commercial properties like warehouses that have heavy tools and machinery.

If employees cannot see their work environment clearly, slips, falls, and other accidents are more likely to occur. Not only will you have to worry about hospital expenses for employees, but these accidents could also open you up to liabilities.

Lower Productivity Levels

Poor lighting can affect one’s physical and mental health. As workers struggle to see their environment, they are more prone to eye strain, headaches, fatigue, and muscle stiffness.

In terms of psychological effects, poor lighting is associated with stress and anxiety. Workers also become frustrated and distracted because they cannot see clearly. All these will have an effect on their productivity levels.

Poor lighting may also lead to an increase in absenteeism and a decrease in job satisfaction. Though you will not notice it immediately, lower productivity levels due to poor lighting will result in a drop in your revenue.

Non-Compliance with OSHA Lighting Standards

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA) has outlined minimum lighting requirements for different types of work environments. For example, offices must have 30 foot-candles, construction areas must have 10 foot-candles, and warehouses, walkways, corridors, and other indoor spaces must have 5 foot-candles.

If your commercial property has poor lighting, it is possible that you are not complying with OHSA’s lighting standards. This can lead to fines, liabilities, and other costly consequences.


What Are the Benefits of Professional Lighting Maintenance Services?

Lighting is an integral part of any workplace. As such, owners must ensure that their property is well-lit and that the lighting system is properly maintained. For smooth day-to-day operations, consider the benefits of professional lighting maintenance services. A good way to manage your lighting system is by using a lighting control system.


Thorough Cleaning and Inspection of Light Fixtures

Traditional lights burn out much faster and consume more energy. As such, most businesses have shifted to LED lights due to economic and environmental benefits. However, because LED lights last much longer, the lighting fixtures are cleaned less frequently. Accumulated dust and dirt can also affect the lighting quality of your property.

Professionals will deep clean your lighting fixtures so that they can provide a better cast. At the same time, they will also inspect your property to identify inconsistent or undesirable lighting. Based on their recommendations, you can implement changes in your lighting system for better efficiency and productivity.

Planned Lighting Maintenance

It’s much harder to tell if LED lights have burnt out. Unlike traditional lights, LED lights do not go dark. They will instead dim to about 70% of the initial lumens. This can be enough to affect the mood and performance of your workers. With planned lighting maintenance, professionals can use a light meter to track your lights’ output. They will know when to re-lamp and whether there are problems that need to be addressed.

Maintenance specialists also provide troubleshooting. If you are retrofitting for LED lights, there may be compatibility issues with your existing dimmers, sensors, or controls. Rather than spend time figuring out these issues, professionals will know how to handle these issues immediately.

Commercial Lighting Repairs

Professional lighting maintenance will handle all the repairs and upgrades for your commercial property. Issues with light fixtures and wiring are best handled by experienced technicians. They can make the necessary repairs without risking the safety of your workers or tenants.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Through commercial lighting maintenance, you can introduce intuitive systems such as a schedule for the use of lighting fixtures and motion sensors to track activity in a room. These technologies will help conserve energy and thus, result in lower energy bills.

Many people are surprised to learn that lighting costs make up a large percentage of the energy bills. Professionals can install these upgrades without causing too much inconvenience to the commercial building’s occupants.

Lower Operational Costs

Commercial lighting maintenance is good for your bottom line. With the help of professionals, you can have a more energy-efficient lighting system for your commercial property. They will also clean light fixtures and improve light output so that your workers can stay safe in the workplace. There are fewer obstacles that can dampen their mood or productivity levels. Aside from lower operational costs, you may even see an increase in revenue.


Call on the Professionals for Commercial Lighting Maintenance

If you have previously neglected your lighting system, now’s the time to call on the professionals for commercial lighting maintenance. Though lighting may not seem as urgent as other maintenance tasks, it’s a vital aspect of work productivity. Professionals can help address poor lighting in your commercial property so that employees or tenants can stay safe and productive. With this investment, property owners may also see an increase in their business revenues.

If you are looking for commercial lighting maintenance services, do not hesitate to reach out to Maintenance Specialists Inc. today! We offer professional lighting repair services and lighting maintenance to keep your commercial property safe and properly lit. Call us at 844.327.1986, email us at, or contact us online.



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