10 Essential Construction Cleanup Services For Commercial Facilities

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One great challenge that many businesses face is what happens when they either buy a recently constructed facility or have completed a remodel and need to get their space ready for their employees and customers to visit. Construction cleanup services for commercial facilities are essential in getting a newly constructed or remodeled space ready to open for business.


Most Needed Construction Cleanup Services for Commercial Facilities

If you are considering what services your company will need after new construction or remodel project is complete, consider the information below:


1. Removal of Leftover Building Scraps, Trash, and Debris

When a construction project finishes, there are often scraps from materials and debris. It is important to have a strategy related to how your company plans to remove these items. If you are a builder or if you are a traditional business that needs to remove construction materials, then it is wise to evaluate what potential materials you will need to remove and in what timeline you need them removed. From there, you will be able to find the ideal construction cleanup service for your particular needs.


2. Final Clean Up Services

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Once the larger building scraps, trash items, and debris are cleaned up, your space is still going to need a final cleaning. This will help make the space presentable and able to conduct business.

Having a company that specializes in construction cleanup services for commercial facilities is a great way to eliminate a burden on your team as you are preparing to move furniture and employees into your new space. Be sure to price out several different providers to see which provider has the best possible package for your needs.


3. Vacant Area Cleanup

Many companies forget the need to clean out vacant areas of a construction project. These areas may not be occupied but still may be quite messy. Many companies have parking lots, warehouses, or other buildings that are unoccupied. Keeping these areas clean is important because there may come a time when a new tenant or client would like to utilize these spaces. By having the spaces clean to present to interested parties, your company may end up obtaining more future business.


4. Renovation Clean Up

man working on building renovation | construction cleanup for commercial buildingsMany companies may not move into a recently constructed building, but they may need a sector of their existing building renovated while they still have employees working in the other part of their space.

Renovation cleaning is something that has to happen both during the renovation and after the renovation has been completed. The reason for this is that there is always dust everywhere when a renovation is occurring. Keeping dust isolated should be your top priority.

In addition, there may be leftover construction materials or scraps that need to be cleaned after a certain segment of the renovation has been completed. Be sure to plan your renovations carefully and to be sure they have plans for cleaning. The more you clean, the easier it will be for your team to keep working during the construction productively.


5. Final Window Cleaning

If your business is moving into a new building or renovating a particular area of a building, the windows will usually have tape around them and protective material that needs to be removed. Underneath that material, your new or existing windows will need to be cleaned.

At times, dust can get through to the windows or stain the windows in some way from the construction process. Cleaning the windows is one of the final steps that you need to take. This will get your company closer to being ready to work in its new space.


6. Baseboard Dusting

Aside from a traditional cleaning, you will need to take extra efforts to dust baseboards within your new space after the construction has been completed. The dust has a way of getting everywhere. And, extra cleanings will help polish your space and have it ready for your staff and clients to see.


7. Mirror Cleaning

During construction, mirrors can be taped, moved, or covered. At times, mirrors can become dirty due to the continuous dust. It can also happen due to the movement of materials during a construction or renovation project. Be sure to plan on cleaning your mirrors carefully after your upcoming construction or renovation project is complete. It is also wise to inspect your mirrors for any scratches or cracks. This way, you can be sure that they do not need to be replaced.


8. Parking Lot Cleaning

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Once your actual commercial space is finished and cleaned, your company will need its parking lots and driveways cleaned extensively. Your parking lot may have debris and dust. This will need a thorough cleanup also, so you can have a safe space for your staff and clients to park in when your business reopens.

The parking lot should be the last area that you clean since you will need to remove materials from inside your commercial space first before cleaning the parking lot.


9. Power Washing

Power washing both the interior and exterior walls of your commercial space is a great way to get out any stains or excess dust that remains. Through power washing, you can have a polished space that’s ready for your employees to move into. After the initial post-construction power washing, it is recommended to organize quarterly power washing for your commercial space. This way, it can look its absolute best year-round.


10. Removal of Excess Building Supplies or Tools

Removal of excess building supplies or tools also needs to be a priority as your commercial space finishes its various stages of construction. The more proactive you are at removing unnecessary clutter and tools, the easier it will be to meet your construction schedule, and ultimately, your target move-in date.


How MSI Can Provide Assistance to Your Organization

MSI has established experience providing exceptional construction clean up services to their clients. To learn more about how MSI Maintenance Specialists can make a positive impact on your property’s construction clean up services, please contact us by visiting our website or by calling (704) 405-6000 today.



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