Professional Office Cleaning: How Can It Make The Workplace Better?

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Employees spend a substantial amount of their time in the office. Having a dirty or messy workplace can negatively impact their mood, which can start to affect the quality of their output. To ensure a safe and healthy work environment, office cleaning is a must.


The Many Benefits of Professional Office Cleaning

It may not seem like it at first, but a clean office can have an indirect influence on your company’s bottom line. While occasionally sweeping and mopping your floors is a good place to start, there is much more that goes into cleaning an office than meets the eye. If you want to contribute to the success of your business, it is a good idea to invest in office cleaning services.


1. Good First Impression

office cleaning servicesEmployees are not the only ones who frequent your office. Clients and suppliers come by as well, and you want to make sure they leave with a good first impression of your business. How can you do that with a dirty and messy office?

A clean and professional-looking workplace is key if you want clients and suppliers to take your company seriously. It signals to them that your company is one they can trust, which can result in fruitful business relationships. This is where an office cleaning service comes in.


2. Better Organization

Offices can become disorganized as time goes by. You might start out with a really pristine workspace, but constant use and activity can make it messy and worn. Because of this, employees might have a hard time locating the tools they need to do their jobs.

With commercial office cleaning, you can have a more organized workplace. Employees won’t spend valuable time looking for the things they need because they can clearly identify them in a single glance. This leaves more time for actual work, thus increasing their output.


3. Fewer Absences

Whether you have a small or large office space, dirt and dust can invade it all the same. While it is true that these things are normal in any workplace, too much can have a detrimental effect on the health of its occupants. Dust is a common allergen, while dirt contains all sorts of bacteria and viruses. Employees share virtually everything — from staplers and phones to elevator buttons and door handles — so it is easy for diseases to spread.

By hiring an office cleaning company, you can reduce the spread of germs. In addition to cleaning, these companies offer disinfection services as well. With a clean and healthy office, employees are less likely to contract illnesses, which can lead to fewer sick days.

As you may or may not know, sick days are very costly to businesses. In fact, in 2019, the poor health of employees costs employers billions of dollars. Presenteeism — showing up to work without being productive (something that can happen when workers go to work sick) — also costs the economy billions of dollars in lost productivity each year.


4. More Focused

A cluttered workspace can distract employees from their jobs, leading to lower productivity or poor-quality output. If you want to make sure your employees stay focused, hire commercial cleaning services to come in every night to tidy up the place. This way, when employees arrive in the morning for work, they are greeted by clean desks and common areas.


5. Improved Morale

You might not know it, but your work environment can have an effect on your mood. This is the same for your employees. A dirty and cluttered workspace can cause them to feel unmotivated and down. In contrast, a clean and well-maintained office puts employees in the best headspace to give their 100%. As such, you should definitely consider hiring janitorial services.


6. Enhanced Productivity

Office cleaning companies do more than just keep your workplace neat and tidy. Their services can also have an impact on the productivity of your employees. When employees work in a clean and beautifully-decorated space, they are more likely to produce high-quality results. They are also less bogged down by distractions, such as clutter and nasty odors.

As previously explained, a clean office also makes it easier for workers to locate important documents and tools. While the time saved on this activity may not seem like much at first, it can definitely compound. And, as you may know, time is money.


7. Goodbye to Pests

office cleaning services near meWhat do you often find in places that are dirty and cluttered? Pests.

Pests love messy environments because it gives them places to hide and scavenge. If your break room has a lot of stains and spills, rats and roaches are inevitable. Dirty restrooms are another popular hang-out for pests. And no employee wants to work in an office overrun by creepy crawlers and vermin.

To prevent a pest infestation, make sure to have your cleaning service take out the trash every night. Break rooms and bathrooms should be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized as well.


8. A Safe and Comfortable Workplace

A poorly maintained office invites injury. Slippery or sticky floors can cause slip and fall accidents, rendering your employees unable to work. Worse yet, it could be grounds for a lawsuit. The same goes for clutter and trash that obstruct pathways.

Dirt and dust can also contribute to an unhealthy work environment. These are known pollutants that can carry germs into the office. An accumulation of dust can also promote poor indoor air quality.

When you leave break rooms and bathrooms uncleaned, unpleasant odors will start to emanate from them. Before long, your entire office will reek, causing employees to feel unmotivated, distracted, and uncomfortable. Not only that, but clients and suppliers who visit your office will also be turned off by the foul smell.


9. Preserve Assets

As a business owner, you want to make sure your assets remain useful for a long time. Improper cleaning, though, can speed up the deterioration of your tools and equipment. They will break down more frequently, resulting in significant downtime for your business. It will also cost you more money in the long run because you will need to pay for repairs or replacements more often. Extend the lifespan of your assets by having a set cleaning schedule.


10. Employee Pride and Satisfaction

A dirty office can make employees unhappy with their work. And, unhappy employees don’t tend to brag about their employer. Instead, they badmouth them.

This is not surprising. After all, how can you expect a worker to take pride in their job if they feel like their company doesn’t value them enough to maintain a clean working environment? Employees are assets, too. As such, if you want them to stay with your company and produce quality results, you have to respect them by providing a safe and healthy workplace.


11. Better and Faster Results With Minimized Interruption

Your employees’ time is better spent on business operations. As such, it would be a waste of resources to ask them to clean the office as well. The best option is to hire an office cleaning company.

It makes more sense to hire professional office cleaners because they can provide you with better and faster results. This is due to their experience and knowledge of working with all types of materials. They also have access to the latest cleaning equipment and effective solutions.

Additionally, cleaning companies work with flexible schedules. In other words, they can come in when you want them to. Typically, offices have cleaning crews working during the night, after office hours. This helps to minimize any disruptions to the business.

If you want to hire the best cleaning company, you can ask for recommendations or search for the term, “office cleaning services near me.” Of course, don’t just pick the first one you see or the cheapest option. Define your needs and weigh out the costs with the services they provide to arrive at an informed decision.


Leave It to the Pros

Office cleaning may seem simple enough to the untrained eye, but there are a lot of things that actually go into it. Beyond sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping, professional cleaners will also wipe down surfaces, disinfect the entire office, take out the trash, and thoroughly clean break rooms and bathrooms. With so much work involved, it is best to entrust the job to the pros.

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