School Cleaning Services For A Safe and Health Risk-Free Learning Environment

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The end of summer signals the start of the academic year, which means students are going to flock to schools once again. To ensure a healthy learning environment for students, school cleaning is paramount.


The Importance of Routine School Cleaning

Every school should allocate a portion of its budget to cleaning. Some people, though, might wonder why it is even necessary to invest in cleaning services if students are just going to make a mess anyway. But, school cleaning has many benefits, including but not limited to:

  • A clean and organized school makes for the perfect learning environment.
  • Parents don’t have to worry about sending their kids to an unhygienic or unhealthy school, where germs and bacteria are more prominent.
  • Both students and teachers will have fewer distractions in the form of clutter and trash.
  • Thanks to disinfection, the risk of spreading diseases at school is mitigated. Therefore, schools can look forward to fewer absences from students.
  • Practicing routine cleaning and proper hygiene instills good habits for children.

Regardless of the type or size of the school, cleaning is essential to its operations. But, school cleaning should not be limited to the school year. Even when kids are out for the summer, the school can gather all sorts of dirt and dust. Allowing the school to remain untouched throughout the summer months will only make it harder to clean once the academic year rolls around. Plus, some kids have summer classes.


What School Cleaning Services Do You Need?

There are many cleaning services schools should consider getting. Among your many options, it is best to look for school cleaning companies that offer the following:


1. General Cleaning

General cleaning involves the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and fixtures that are common to all the rooms in a school. This includes windows, doors, floors, interior walls, stairways, and hallways. A cleaning company will usually pay extra attention to high-touch points such as handles and handrails. Because students interact with these parts more frequently, they pose a higher risk for spreading germs.


2. Exterior Cleaning

school cleaning companiesThe exterior of your school is just as important. It is the first thing that students and parents will see, so it can make or break their first impression.

Make sure to have your roofs and gutters cleaned regularly. If you have any outdoor structures or fixtures, have those cleaned as well. Exterior walls should also be wiped down or pressure washed every now and then. Walls will also need a fresh coat of paint every few years or so.

Because of the skills required to clean a school’s exterior, it is recommended to hire a professional cleaning company. Having to go up on ladders to reach the roof and gutters can also be dangerous. But, professionals are well-equipped to handle those types of jobs.


3. Classroom Cleaning

Perhaps one of the most important education cleaning services is classroom cleaning. Students and teachers spend most of their time in classrooms. As such, you should make sure all desks and chairs are cleaned and disinfected thoroughly. Chalkboard erasers should also be dusted properly to avoid particles going airborne. After all, chalk can cause or aggravate allergies in children.


4. Cafeteria Cleaning

The cafeteria is one of the most widely used spaces in any school. This is where students gather to eat their lunches, so it is imperative that the area remains clean at all times. Hire a service to perform a deep cleaning and disinfection of your cafeteria, even more frequently during times of health crisis.


5. Bathroom Cleaning

Bathrooms are used by countless students multiple times a day. Because of this, they get dirty more easily and quickly than in other parts of the school. Additionally, schools typically have a lot of bathrooms scattered throughout the campus. They are also prime spots for germs, bacteria, and all sorts of nasty odors.

As such, bathrooms will require a lot more manpower and attention. While school janitors clean bathrooms every day, some long-term stains and stubborn grime will require professional assistance. Deep cleaning and maintenance can also help extend the lifespan of your plumbing fixtures.


6. Locker Cleaning

It wouldn’t make sense to access every student’s locker during the school year. As such, the best time to have lockers thoroughly cleaned and disinfected is right before the start of classes. This way, students can begin their year of learning with fresh and germ-free lockers.


7. Gym Cleaning

If your school has a gym, no matter the size, it will need a deep cleaning every now and again. Gymnasiums are usually the location of many school activities throughout the year. These events usually involve the serving of food and beverages. They can also involve indoor sports, which means a lot of sweaty students running around. With continued use, gyms will inevitably need a good cleaning and disinfection.


8. Locker Room Cleaning

school cleaning servicesWhere there are school sports, there are locker rooms. This is where students and athletes spend a lot of their time changing clothes and wiping down sweat. Many locker rooms also contain shower areas.

Make sure to have your locker rooms cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis. In doing so, you can maintain a clean and healthy environment for your students and athletes. They will less likely catch illnesses, and regularly cleaning equipment can prolong their useful life.


9. Auditorium Cleaning

Many school events take place in auditoriums. And, with high foot traffic, there is bound to be a mess. Your janitorial staff can typically clean your auditorium after every event. But, it is still a good idea to invest in a school cleaning service to thoroughly clean and disinfect your auditorium a couple of times a year.

Apart from the usual areas, cleaning services will also target frequently touched surfaces and hard-to-reach areas. This includes ceilings and stages. The seats in auditoriums also don’t often get a good cleaning on a day-to-day basis. You can request a cleaning company to deep clean upholstery, too. You’d be surprised at how much dirt and grime those seats accumulate over time.


10. Playground Cleaning

If your school has a playground, you should also have it deep cleaned and maintained. Playgrounds are most often used by children, who are more susceptible to disease and accidents.

You can help prevent these by making sure you clean and disinfect playground equipment. Don’t forget to check for any loose or protruding nails or screws, too. If your equipment is in need of repairs, schedule those immediately. This way, you can protect your school from potential lawsuits, which are more common than you think.


11. Nurse Facility Cleaning

Most schools will have a facility dedicated to healthcare. Given that this is where students should feel the most healthy and safe, it makes sense to have these areas deep cleaned and disinfected. This includes wiping down high-touch points and deep cleaning beds, which many students will share throughout the school year.


12. Pool Cleaning

For schools with swimming pools, pool cleaning and maintenance are absolutely essential. Over time, pools can invite the growth of algae and fungi, posing health risks to swimmers. Make sure to have your school’s pool thoroughly cleaned and treated before the start of classes.


Leave It to the Pros

School cleaning might not be something you would think to use a third-party service for. And while the custodial staff of a school can usually take care of its day-to-day cleaning needs, it is best to hire the pros for effective and efficient deep cleaning and disinfection.

Maintenance Specialists Inc. provides school and administrative building maintenance services to all types of schools. Call us today at 704.405.6000 or contact us online to learn more about how we can help you.



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